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We all know that going bald has become an accepted part of live – but does it need to be? A researcher’s accidental discovery could have found a baldness cure that wasn’t previously thought of, yet alone investigated.

Dr Mirna Perez-Moreno from the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre in Madrid was testing anti-inflammatory drugs on mice when she realised they were growing extra hair. After investigating this phenomenon, she found that the excess hair growth was due to macrophages – derived from the white blood cells and produced by the immune system to fight infections and clear up dead tissue.

What happened was the macrophages activated nearby stem cells which are responsible for hair growth.

That means follicles could be encouraged to grow without the need for a hair transplant, which can cost more than $10,000.

She and the study’s other authors wrote in the journal PLOS Biology, “One of the current challenges in the stem cell field is… to promote regeneration without the need of transplantation. Because of this study, it is now known that macrophages play a key role in the environment surrounding stem cells. Our study underlines the importance of macrophages as modulators in skin regenerative processes, going beyond their primary function as phagocytic immune cells.”

While this isn’t a treatment for baldness just yet, it is a massive breakthrough and it is likely this will lead to new treatments.

So tell us, if there was a cheap and effective treatment for balding, would you or a man in your life use it? 

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  1. Love bald headed men. Why treat what is natural. It’s the person below the hairline that counts – whether male or female!

  2. I am not bald ..not yet anyway but so many men and women are affected by baldness, I think a cheap and affordable cure for them would be great

  3. My daughter has slight alopecia and she would definitely use it and my step niece has full blown alopecia and she would also.

  4. Bother. I can’t take anti inflammatory drugs. :(. My hair is thinning rapidly I would try it. Female I am.

  5. I would love to cover up my bald pate as I have been getting many sun spots burnt off. My skin specialist told me when I joked about growing hair over it if it were possible, that he wouldn’t recommend it as the hair would cover up sunspots that could grow into serious skin cancer

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