Is it better to shower morning, or night? Science washes away the argument!

Personal hygiene is something we all take seriously, and each of us have our own daily rituals. Some people prefer to start the day with an invigorating shower, whilst others find the water winds them down each evening. Now science has revealed the best times of day to shower, and it turns out everything depends entirely on you!

1. If you are clumsy

Accidentally cut yourself when shaving in the shower? You’re less likely to experience excess bleeding from little shaving cuts, if you shower in the morning. America’s National Centre for Biotechnology has revealed that your blood clots more efficiently between 6-9am, provided you keep moving during this time. Showering while you shave also helps keep your skin stay clean for the day ahead, and thereby less prone towards ingrown hairs and congestion.

2. If you are creative

Ever feel like your best ideas occur in the shower? This is called the ‘incubation period’ – quiet times during when unconscious thoughts can assist us with creativity. According to certain neuroscientists, taking a shower each morning can be your key to achieving creative pursuits throughout the day.

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3. If you can’t sleep

If you struggle to fall asleep each night, showering just before bed can help you rest. The National Centre for Biotechnology has also revealed that a warm shower can mimic your body’s natural thermal regulation, which is tied to sleep patterns. Unfortunately, over-heating or taking a very cold shower can have the adverse affect, so keep your water at a lukewarm temperature.

4. If you have sensitive skin

Although many Australians swear by having (at least) one shower a day, for those of us with sensitive skin, this may not be beneficial. American dermatologists have stated that hot showers especially can irritate the skin, decrease good bacterias and increase the risk of skin infections. So for people prone towards skin irritation, showering every second day might be the answer. It’s still possible to maintain personal hygiene through the use of wipes and gentle steamers though.

Personal hygiene is very much just that – a personal choice!

What type of person are you – one who showers morning or night? Could you go a day or two without showering?