How your loved ones can stay “bold, not old”

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We all know age is just a number. It has no bearing on personality, identity or importance in the community. It does not stop a person from feeling unique or playful or young.

But to remain truly active and independent in the years ahead, it can sometimes take a very bold and proactive decision: to accept a little extra help at home.

If you have a parent or elderly loved one who is beginning to find it difficult, there are many effective ways they can continue their own life, in their own home, and on their own terms.

It can be as simple as a few domestic chores and personal errands, or as fundamental as regular nursing care. No matter what your loved one’s situation, the right home care package can be tailored to their precise needs, preferences and budget, freeing up all the time and energy they need to “be themselves”.

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There are many ways your loved ones can keep their independence with the right support, including:

1. Domestic duties

Sometimes the smallest activities can be the biggest burden: an unmowed lawn; a stack of mail; an unchanged light bulb. By helping with light housework and maintenance, a carer can give your loved one breathing space to focus on the life they love.

2. Keeping connected with the community

A carer can help your loved one maintain an active social life by facilitating activities and hobbies, assisting with letter-writing, and even offering internet training so they can keep in touch online.

3. A helping hand with with travel and mobility

If mobility is preventing somebody from leading the lifestyle they want, the right level of care can remove that key obstacle – whether it’s running light errands or setting up mobility equipment at home.

4. Health and medical assistance

From simple medication management to more involved nursing care, there is a way to find more freedom, health and happiness in any medical situation.

5. Technological support

If basic safety at home is a concern, assistive technologies can alert authorities in the event of an injury or emergency – without compromising your loved one’s basic independence or lifestyle.

If you know somebody who could benefit from this support, but are unsure how to broach this difficult subject, Feros Care will be happy to speak to you about taking those important next steps. Click here to get in touch. 

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