How to maximise short or sparse eyelashes

As we get older, hair sprouts where it shouldn’t be, and drops off where it should stay. We have hairs on our chins but not on our eyelids!

You may have noticed your eyelashes were looking a bit on the thin side, but you are not alone. There are a number of ways you can thicken those lashes to give the illusion of a much fuller eyelid, which will compliment a daytime or night time look.


1. Eyelash extensions

According to Starts at 60 beauty expert, Margaret Woodberry, a lovely and convenient beauty trick is to have eyelash extensions applied. It is not an overly expensive procedure and the lash extensions will last about six weeks or more with care.

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She suggests avoiding wetting the extensions for the first 24 hours and try to sleep with your face away from the pillow.

Then, gently brush and position the lashes each morning. As you gradually lose lashes, just call in to your beauty salon and have some new extensions attached to fill the gaps.

When washing your face, use a cotton bud to clean and dry around your eyes.


2. Use makeup to thicken

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There are a few easy tricks to use to give the illusion of thicker eyelashes.

  • Dust on some talcum or translucent powder before you apply your mascara or thickening products.
  • Apply your thickening mascara from the roots up, wiggling the brush from side to side.
  • Finish by curling with an eyelash curler

Optional: Add more powder to the lashes and go over once more with your mascara.


3. Apply olive oil

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Apply olive oil to your lashes – it strengthens hair and stimulates growth! Apply to a cotton ball and dab on your eyelashes. Leave it on for five minutes, then rinse off. Repeat for a couple of weeks and you’ll see a noticeable difference.


4. Fake eyelashes

If you’re going out for the night and want to look glam, your eyelashes can really make your makeup pop. If your eyelashes are quite sparse, false eyelashes will give you a whole new set.

  • Choose the style you want – eyelashes now come in full strips, three quarter pieces, or clusters. There’s thick or thick ones or even ones with glitter or sparkling bits. Find one that suits your look.
  • Glue – most false eyelashes come with a little glue bottle in the pack but some can have an adhesive strip attached. Combine the glue and adhesive for a super strong stay.
  • Trim – you’ll notice when you check the size of your lashes that they might be a bit too long. Get some nail scissors and snip the ends so you have an even arch.
  • Shape – bend you false lashes into a C before applying. Hold this so your eyelash follows your natural eye lid otherwise it’ll fall off.
  • Apply – tweezers or your fingers are the most common ways to do this but an eyelash applicator can also help. Put a thin layer of glue on the strip and wait for 10 seconds before applying as you want it to get a bit tacky to stick better.
  • Use a magnifying mirror – there’s an art to applying lashes and not everyone gets it the first time. Place on top of your natural lash line and not on your eyelids.
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5. Tint your lashes

If your eyelashes have gone grey or are naturally light, you can tint them either at the salon or home. This will make your lashes look fuller especially if they are light and not visible.


6. Try eyelash fibre mascara

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Forget about thickening mascara if you have super thin lashes, there’s a new type of mascara out on the market. A lot of brand sell a fibre mascara which doe the job of lengthening and thickening without having to get extensions or applying multiple coats.


Tell us, do you have any other eyelash tips?