Here’s four brain teasers to test you
By Starts at 60 WritersIn HealthOn Friday 31st Jul, 2015

Here’s four brain teasers to test you

We know how much you love brain teasers so we’ve found four hard ones to see how your fare.

1. A basket has exactly six eggs in it. Six different people each take one egg. These are typical people and typical chicken eggs. After all 6 eggs have been taken, there is still one egg left in the basket. How could this be? (No one put their egg back in the basket.)

2. Acting on an anonymous phone call, the police raid a house to arrest a suspected murderer. They don’t know what he looks like but they know his name is John and that he is inside the house. The police bust in on a carpenter, a lorry driver, a mechanic and a fireman all playing poker. Without hesitation or communication of any kind, they immediately arrest the fireman. How do they know they’ve got their man?

3. There are six glasses. The first three of the glasses are filled with orange juice; the other three are empty. By moving only one glass, can you arrange them so the full and empty glasses alternate?

There was once a recluse who never left his home. The only time anyone ever visited him was when his food and supplies were delivered, but they never came inside. Then, one storm winter night when an icy gale was blowing, he had a nervous breakdown. He went upstairs, turned off all the lights and went to bed. Next morning, he had caused the deaths of several hundred people. How?

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