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There can be different times in your life when you check-in with yourself and question ‘where am I?’, ‘what am I doing?’, ‘what’s wrong with me?’.

That last question ‘what’s wrong with me?’ is a big one. No one wants to admit there is something wrong with them and that they’re not ‘normal’, whatever that is.  However when you’re in your 50’s chances are you have experiences which have had a major impact on your life and can cause huge emotional turmoil:

1.  The passing of a loved one.
2.  Relationship breakdowns…separation, divorce etc
3.  Business partnership breakdowns
4.  Serious health issues (you or those close to you)
5.  Financial losses
6.  Buying or selling a business
7.  Having your own business
8.  Lack of business success
9.  Business failure
10. Semi-Retirement and Retirement

All, some or even one of the above can impact you both emotionally and physically and unfortunately for many babyboomer business owners I encounter, they have either avoided dealing with the real issues or are unaware of what the real problem is…themselves.

Instead of dealing with their grief, loss, over-consumption of food, alcohol, drugs, blame, anger or procrastination, people often bury themselves in ‘busyness’, hoping the problem will go away.

Unfortunately this is especially true with many male business owners, who isolate themselves and try to work out the solution by themself.  The thing is, there is no one magic pill that will ‘fix it’.

Feeling each day is like ‘ground hog day’, beating yourself up because you feel you should be ‘more successful’ than you are now and withdrawing from the world isn’t going to help.

The good news is, you can reignite your midlife mojo and change your life at any time.  It is never too late as long as you’re willing to change.

Here’s 3 simple steps to reignite your mojo:

1.  Be honest with yourself…if you’re not ‘happy’ , what is the real issue? Who could possibly help you? What next step can you take? What are you doing to change the situation?

2.  Get fit and healthy...find a professional who can help educate you, keep you accountable and ensure you stay on track…you won’t do it on your own, because if you could you’d be doing it! That person could be a personal trainer or health coach.

3.  You could be suffering from burnout and depression. Many males are so a great place to start could be organisations like ‘Beyond Blue’


There is always light at the end of the tunnel.


Tell us, do you feel you’ve lost your mojo? 


Lorraine Pirihi

Lorraine Pirihi, The Babyboomer Specialist/Business Mentor specialises in helping babyboomer business owners avoid burnout and reignite the passion into their business and life. Her latest book “Mind Your Time”…50 ways to succeed in business and life is available here

  1. If you and your spouse etc are healthy, can feed yourselves and keep the debt collector off the front porch, you should be happy.
    I’m happy – not deliriously happy, but my degree of happiness is congruent with what I expect at my age and stage of life.
    If you don’t expect too much, you will never be disappointed.

  2. is in my 50’s and suffering burnout but cant seem to do anything about it as im still living the life that caused it with no means to put an end to it.

  3. Hello Lorraine,
    Your blog today is right on the mark because sadly there are so many people who feel they must be ‘strong’ and soldier on. This is why I became a coach and mentor to those over 50 as I know only too well, what it’s like to have significant setbacks in life, particularly if you’re on your own.
    I applaud those who choose to take action as soon as they feel something is not quite right in their life or with the way they are thinking.
    We all need a little help along the way and having a coach is one way to really spoil yourself as you are dealing with your future.
    Well done Lorraine.

  4. Interesting topic, I was at that point 3 years ago, my wife and I moved from Townsville N.Q. to Warburton Vic. She developed lung cancer and lost most of her right lung, the humidity was getting too much for her, after she developed asthma from radium treatment. About a month after we arrived and settled I was hospitalised with pneumonia, a very severe bout, ICu for 4-5 weeks nearly parting from this world on at least 2 occasions, as I was eventually recovering I was hospitalised again with small intestine issues, this was followed by an infection in the osofagagus, a total of 9 out of 12 months in hospital. My wife passed away 3 months later from a heart attack. I was obviously not in a correct state of mind. Since then I decided that I was not going to sit around feeling sorry for myself, I got counselling for 8 months which made a huge difference to my state of mind. I decided that after that I would attempt a course at a Uni or college. I am now finishing a diploma of counselling and have enrolled in a Bachelor of Social Work starting in January 2016.
    No matter how bad we feel, there is always a solution, some of these solution take different paths and can take time to reach, BUT we all have the ability to do it, do not make excuses, find valid reasons for moving on. I was married for 35 years and have reached the ripe old age of 66 a long way to go yet.

  5. I grab my hoops and go to playgrounds. Kids swarm over and join in. It’s becoming my business with council sponsorship. Kids and exercise are a great mix.

  6. Smokin’ Joe says we’re going to live to 150 – so midlife is more than a decade away from me. I’ll get back to you then.

  7. The questions u can put to yourself could possibly help u find the real problem behind how u feel if that’s the case.

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