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Wait! Don’t have that coffee – this natural drink has been proven to drastically improve your brain function and make you feel much more energised than caffeine.

According to researchers from University of Reading, drinking 500ml of this juice every day can improve brain function.

So what is this magical juice? Well, it’s just standard freshly squeezed orange juice.

The study analysed a group of adults who drunk 500ml of juice per day. They saw an eight per cent improvement in their memory, reaction time and verbal fluency compared to a control drink given during a different eight week period.

One of the memory tests required participants to learn a list of words that are recalled immediately and after a 30 minute delay.

Dr Daniel Lamport, from the university’s school of psychology and clinical language sciences and co-author of the study, said: “The population is ageing rapidly across the world.

“Estimates suggest the number of persons aged 60 or over could triple by 2100. It’s therefore imperative we explore simple, cost-effective ways to improve cognitive function in old age.”

And although the research was positive, the long term effects of drinking orange juice daily are not proven however with any citrus juice it should be part of a balance diet.

Orange juice is effective due to its flavonoids which may improve memory through the activation of signalling pathways in the hippocampus

Dr Lamport added: “Small, easily administered changes to the daily diet, such as eating more flavonoid-rich fruits and vegetables, have the potential to substantially benefit brain health. We know that people find it difficult to sustain big changes to their diet but simple alterations are much easier to maintain permanently.


So, what do you reckon? Will you be drinking more orange juice?


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  1. i do i have grape juice

    1 REPLY
    • So does my husband. At rehab after he had his heart attack they told him that a glass of red wine a day was good for the heart. My husband does not like red wine and they said that a glass of dark grape juice was just as good but without the alcohol. Enjoy.

  2. Amazing how we are discovering a natural food is good for us! Where has everybody been? Make the orange organic so it cuts out all the chemicals, & you’re naturally doing well.

  3. Is anyone else underwhelmed by the prospect of an 8 per cent increase?

  4. Hmmm, orange juice contains a lot of sugar. How many oranges does it take to produce 500 ml of fluid when squeezed? Would you sit down and eat the same number of oranges? More work required here I think.

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