Fast food secrets: Ever wondered what’s REALLY in your burgers?

Fast food menus are full of supposed “healthy” options these days, but those alternatives might not be everything they seem.

Fast food menus are full of supposed “healthy” options these days, but those alternatives might not be everything they seem.

Researchers from the George Institute for Global Health have revealed that even “healthy” menu items, such as salads and burrito wraps, might contain plenty of hidden calories. For example:

– Sumo Salad’s Ancient Grain Peanut and Orange Small salad contains 2668 kj.  You’d need to run for 1 hour to burn this off.

– Jamaica Blue’s Coconut Manjo salad contains 3610 kJ. You’d need to walk for 3 hours to burn this off.

– Guzman & Gomez Spicy Chicken Enchilada Burrito contains 4760 kj. You’d need to run for almost 2 hours to burn this off.

– Hungry Jack’s Ultimate Double Whopper burger contains 5085 kj. You’d need to walk for over 4 hours to burn this off.

– Just 1 slice of pizza from Crust, Dominoes, Pizza Hut or Pizza Capers contains 1300 kj. Each slice would require a 1 hour walk!

The George Institute has advised people to be mindful of “added extras” like sauces, dressing and high-fat fried meats when it comes to ordering takeaway.

“On average Australians spend just over 30 minutes per day doing physical activity, which is not enough to burn off the kilojoules in many of these meals”, said the institute’s Dr Kristina Petersen.

Their research comes as Victoria considers controversial new laws, which would force fast food stores to publicly display the kilojoule content of every menu item.

Are you surprised that even salads and wraps are full of hidden calories? Would you like to see nutritional information displayed, before you order takeaway?

  1. Never heard of the first two on the list, are yousure they are aussie ?

  2. who cares what’s in it?.. if a person likes fast foods, and the eatery is clean and hygienic, where’s the problem?.. besides when you get to 60+ why bother what you put in your mouth.. might as well live for the moment now, tomorrow you could die never having lived at all..

    • I try to maintain my health so I can maximise my enjoyment in life, which includes enjoying my food. Fast foods are an easy way to sabotage your health & taste disgusting compared to properly prepared & cooked meals, not much enjoyment there.

    • Sojamaria Rapana I couldnt disagree more.I live for the moment ,AND the future.At 60+ it is as important as ever to put the right things in your mouth if you want to maximise your enjoyment of life as long as possible.At 60+ many people are paying the cost of poor lifestyle choices when they were younger, they dont help their cause by continuing to make poor choices.As for “junk food”,sure you can have it, and if you enjoy it frequently you can make it at home from basic foods you know the quality of.I am way past 60 so I do know.

    • Faye Montaine you need to live alittle, smell the roses and see the world without your rose coloured glasses.. your life seems rather boring…

    • I’m way past the 60+ too Ken Smith.. I fed my family with good food choices.. nothing wrong with their health..but when they fly the coop, it is my choice what I put in my mouth.. moderation is the key to healthy living.. I will live for the moment as I choose to live, and you live your life as you choose..

  3. Seems to me that at the moment there is no way you can eat fast food that is even low in calories, let alone “healthy”. Even if shops are required to display kilojoule counts you still don’t know what is in the food: types of fats, sugars, salt, preservatives, colouring, flavouring, emulsifiers, flavour enhancers, anti-oxidants . . . Best bet is to avoid it, treat it as a treat, eat it only occasionally and stick to fresh or home cooked food.

  4. Slice of Pizza equals 1300 kj requiring 4 hours to walk off but Hungary Jack whopper with 5085 kj also requires 4 hours to walk off — maybe the piece of pizza has lumps of concrete in it.

  5. Everything in moderation and as Sonjamaria Rapana says why bother to much — you have got to die from something so have fun in the meantime

  6. Find out this that n’tother,,,🙄 stop it…enjoy whatever your delights are every day.😋 it’s later than you think⌛️Life is not a rehearsal 🤔

  7. we have discovered the restaurant called ‘Grill’d’ where everything is grilled and not greasy. Love their moroccan lamb burger with grilled capsicum, salad and tsatziki. Hope the calories aren’t too high.

  8. The only time I eat “fast food” is when I’m travelling by road. So I know the good truckee stops and after that it is Matilda or Mackers. With all of the bypasses I’ve changed my stops on the Sydney run. On the FNQ run I’ll stop at the Arches in Gympie if I didn’t stop at Matilda south of there and then it is truckee stops.

    On second thoughts I do have “fast food” on the odd occasion when I’m in Sydney. In the past 17 years I’ve had Piri Piri a couple of times in Chapel Rd S just off Canterbury Rd in Bankstown and a couple of Subway salads in Revesby.

    How far should I walk to get rid of these extra kilojoules? B|

    • With all those Kj aboard a quick walk from Sydney to Brizzie should just about do it. Truckies keeping food fast.

    • Kerry Sandford Back many years ago my grandfather and two of his mates walked from Sydney to Brisbane before the railway went in. Took them 3 months.

      He set up a shooting gallery in Brisbane in the Rose Arcade. B|

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