Experts reveal one of the largest factors in diet downfalls

You might have been there before… trying to stick to your diet, but somehow finding yourself reaching for a little snack to curb those pesky cravings.

Nutritionists now say that succumbing to ‘snack’ cravings is the one of the worst things a dieter can do when they’re trying to lose a few kilos.

Most people are hit with food cravings at 11:01am, 3:14pm, and 9:31pm and many find themselves filling the void with calorie-laden snacks without realising the impact in can have on their waistline.

Lee Smith, managing director of Forza Supplements which commissioned the study on the effects of snacking habit, said: “We are all becoming much more knowledgeable about nutrition and how to eat more healthily at traditional meal-times.

“It is at other vulnerable moments during the day – these snack o’ clocks – when all the damage is done in diets.

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“Dieters can easily add 750 calories to their daily intake by succumbing in one or two of these danger zones when all their good work at meal times is undone.”

Lee said skipping breakfast is a mistake many people make when they are trying to lose weight, and this is why they find themselves looking for a snack at 11:01am.

Consuming a healthy breakfast will keep you fuller for longer and will help you ward off any mid-morning cravings.

Lee also warned dieters to be careful about the types of drinks they consume throughout the day.

He said milky coffees and hot drinks, like lattes and cappuccinos, are filled with hidden calories that make it hard for people to lose weight.

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At night time, when the 9:31pm snack craving hits, many people find themselves putting the kettle on for a cup of tea and little treat to go with it.

These types of snacks before bed can be a huge hinderance to diets as they load you up with extra calories just before you go to bed, giving you no chance to burn them off.

The study suggested dieters consume a healthy and nutritional breakfast, lunch and dinner, and curb the snack cravings with treats like fruit, nuts, and unprocessed foods.

Do you struggle to resist ‘unhealthy’ snacks throughout the day? Will you think differently about the types of food you snack on in light of this new information?