Exciting health program launches just for over 60s

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Uniting has been through many changes over the decades, and now the advocacy and community services arm of the Uniting Church is expanding its offerings even further.

The non-profit organisation, which helps thousands of people in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory with independent living support, aged care, disability services and early learning, has kicked off a campaign to help retired Australians stay fit and healthy.

The campaign – which, like all Uniting services, is available to everyone regardless of faith, ethnicity or sexuality – focuses on eating well and exercising safely, but delivers the message in a light-hearted, informative way through a series of short videos.

The 25 videos are free of charge and are available here, with new two new videos available each week for anyone who wants a little motivation to keep them on track throughout the year.

The program kicks off this month and the videos will remain available all year, giving everyone an opportunity to learn new skills for an active, healthy retirement at a steady pace.

Uniting Healthy Ageing General Manager Lauretta Stace says the program aims to inspire people to get active with simple tips on how to make exercise fun.

“You don’t need expensive equipment to stay fit when you’re over 60,” Stace says. “These videos give simple tips from the experts on exercises you can do in your own home, to stay fit, safely.”

The Uniting videos also offer plenty of advice for those who want a little inspiration in the kitchen, with a focus on food that’s both nutritious and tasty.

“Finding the right foods to meet the changing nutritional needs of your body isn’t always as straightforward as we sometimes like to think, so we’ve put together a range of easy and delicious tips to help you stay full of energy,” Stace says.

“Good food and purposeful exercise are both important for staying in shape so you can keep getting the most out life. And, ultimately, that’s what Uniting is all about – helping everyone live their best life.”

Uniting has teamed up with experts in various health fields to provide advice that’s tailor-made for over-60s and designed to give people the tools to carry on long after the program is finished.

The Healthy Ageing program is free and available now. Click here to get started!


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