DIY Thieves Spray: Get rid of germs and prevent the flu… naturally!
By Starts at 60 WritersIn HealthOn Wednesday 13th May, 2015

DIY Thieves Spray: Get rid of germs and prevent the flu… naturally!

It’s flu season and that means that germs are out in force and literally everywhere we turn. It’s hard to always be vigilant but there are some all-natural ways to keep the flu away and stay healthy, without nasty chemicals or sprays.

Here’s a fantastic recipe for making your own ‘thieves spray’, a well-known protectant against the dreaded lurgie! Plus, this DIY recipe less expensive than common germ killer sprays and gels.

But first, what is ‘Thieves’ essential oil? According to folklore, in the Late Middle Ages, Europe was devastated by the bubonic plague and during this time, there were four thieves who were captured and charged with robbing the dead. People were puzzled how the thieves could have avoided getting the plague. They revealed that they used a special concoction of aromatic herbs, including garlic, cloves and rosemary, that they rubbed on themselves before committing their crimes. Nowadays, this story was used as inspiration to create an essential oil blend that combines these herbs – and it’s been proven to support the immune system and evoke good health.

You can use the following spray to:

  • Clean grandchildren’s toys
  • Sanitise door knobs, taps, fridge doors, anything you touch!
  • Spray around the room
  • Disinfectant for hands

How to make thieves spray:

  • 30ml dark spray bottle
  • 1 tsp witch hazel
  • 10-15 drops of thieves oil (buy here or here)
  • 25ml of distilled water

Add in the oil to the bottle, along with the witch hazel. Then all you need to do is pour in the distilled water with a funnel and pop on the spray lid!

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