Confused about how much you should eat? This fabulous short video makes it a lot easier...

Healthy eating can get very confusing; and whether you follow a paleo diet, the Mediterranean, or just a good old-fashioned healthy eating plan, the key is making sure the amount of energy you consume is adequate, without being excessive and causing, which will cause weight gain.

You exact requirements will depend on whether you are tall or petite, and whether you are trying to gain, lose or maintain your weight. But the average for a woman 60 or over is around 2000 calories, and around 2400 for men.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I never memorised the different calorific values of foods and I find it pretty difficult to work out how many calories a home-cooked meal clocks up.

But this video, posted by Australian Sports Nutrition, makes it that much easier to gauge how many calories you are consuming by showing what 200 calories looks like on a plate. It’s a great way to visualise the different energy loads of many common foods, reminding us which to stock up on, and which to go easy on.

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Do you find this helpful? If so, pass it on! If not, let us know why… What do you find is the most useful weight-management strategy?