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30 Australian adults are diagnosed with melanoma every single day. 1,200 Aussies die directly from the disease each year, with many more fighting other cancers as a result. In some of the best news about the topic in a long time, a new frontline treatment is likely to get approval for use in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA).

Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows Keytruda significantly improves survival rates and is also better at shrinking tumours and has fewer side effects than current drugs used in melanoma treatment.

News Corp Australia has reported that the drug is likely to be listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, too.

Professor Grant McArthur from Melbourne’s Peter McCallum Institute said the data shows it’s a significant step forward in treatment.

“And it is not just melanoma, with good data emerging in lung cancer, bladder cancer, head and neck cancer showing some promise,” He told News Corp earlier today.

So tell us, would you like to see this drug become available in Australia? Have you had melanoma before? What treatment did you undergo? 


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  1. This is truly amazing! I survived a malignant melona stage 3, only just, had months if that. If it hadn’t been for my beautiful caring daughter and an amazing GP I wouldn’t be here today! The scary thing was, that the spot on my arm was the size of a pin head, but what was cut out was the size of my ring finger and then the roots.

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    • I had a tiny pin head size pink spot on my arm too , so glad I decided to have. A Molescan.. was all good , but have to watch 2 tiny brown spots on each knee … S O glad you were ok dear Rosa xxx

  2. I had a stage 3 on my arm in 2005 and then a stage 1 on my leg a year after my 5yr clearance for the first one. Scary living with the chance of more developing, especially if they can’t be detected.

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