Breakthrough could save millions from heart surgery

For years doctors have been trying to help patients deal with the pressure and physical strain of heart surgery. The operation is often risky and comes with a difficult and laborious recovery time.

Now though, researchers have had a major breakthrough with a treatment that lets people avoid surgery and heal from heart attacks faster by using a protein called AGGF1.

Heart disease is the biggest killer in Australia with thousands of men and women suffering from heart attacks each year. While these attacks usually mean surgery for the patient, this could change soon thanks to the discovery of the new protein.

Researchers found that AGGF1 actually promotes activity in the blood vessels and helps them to grow.

After a series of testing on human cells and mice, they found that the protein helped clear and heal blood vessels that were affected by a heart attack.

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In fact, it was so successful that doctors are now saying increasing this protein in people with coronary disease could eliminate the need for surgery after a heart attack.

The breakthrough is welcomed news for patients, especially those who know how difficult heart surgery can be and who face the prospect of more in their future.

Human trails of the protein are set to begin soon, with doctors hoping they can start treating patients soon.

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