Break through connection to help battle migraines
By Starts at 60 WritersIn HealthOn Friday 21st Oct, 2016

Break through connection to help battle migraines

For the millions that suffer from migraines, the hope for an avoidable cause is key. While there are a lot of theories and ideas new research has shown that it might be a combination of what you put in your mouth and your mouth.

An older study showed that people that suffered from migraines had an increased level of nitric oxide in their blood. That was the basis for this research that followed the breadcrumbs back to how nitrites got into the blood in the first place. A bacteria in your mouth that reduces a compound called nitrates into the sometimes trouble nitrites could be key. The study reveals that people who get migraines have a higher level of this mouth bacteria.

A researcher told CNN, “One can imagine a targeted treatment, such as mouthwash or the introduction of a probiotic species. However, this will be complex”. They then added, “It’s certainly a complicated puzzle.”

While the study is still young, the solution for the interim could be eating foods that contain fewer nitrates. Foods to avoid if you have migraines are processed meats such as hot dogs and lunch meats.

While the science might still be out, there are some tried and tested home remedies for when those blind spots, flashes of light, and nausea take hold. Two popular home remedies drinks claim to prevent as well as treat migraines are Apple cider vinegar in a glass of water mixed with honey, and Cayenne Pepper mixed in warm water with lemon and honey.

What are some of your migraine solutions or cures?

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