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Various reports have suggested that consumers should eat apricot kernels to cure cancer. The seeds kill cancer cells without any negative side effects because of their ingredient called laetrile or vitamin B17. However, contrary to what these reports suggest, consumer watchdog, CHOICE, has recently supported a move to refute these outlandish findings. In fact, they support a move to completely ban the sale of kernels because the kernels actually can poison us!

Eating apricot kernels can result in cyanide poisoning because they release hydrocyanic acid. Consumers are wasting their money and putting their health at risk.

CHOICE is trying to educate the public about the dangers and put a stop to the sale of these kernels. The consumption of raw apricot kernels whether unhulled (with skin) or hulled (without skin) pose a public health and safety risk for consumers. However, these kernels are still readily available. According to FSANZ, it is a massive industry in Australia and New Zealand with over 46 businesses who make an estimated $600,000 a year in sales. As well, the kernels are advertised in store as promoting benefits such as helping heal cancer patients. These businesses are taking advantage and profiting from people who are unwell and looking for any hope. They’re passing on misinformation and the sale of a dangerous good.

Eating a small amount of seeds is apparently okay, but some of these businesses are advertising the consumption of 32 kernels per day and are being sold by the kilo. In fact, if and when people follow these instructions they are consuming up to 940% more than safe levels of hydrocyanic acid.

The Cancer Council has also taken offence to these ‘curing’ seed suggestions. Their response is that the ingredient laetrile found in the kernels has no proven evidence to support the cancer curing claim. There has been decades of research but no absolute evidence to prove this alleged benefit.


Tell us, do you like to eat apricot kernels? Will you stop eating them now?

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  1. I can remember when I was young, cracking open an apricot kernel and eating the seed and I can tell you it was not very nice, it is very bitter, I spat it out

  2. This is a bit misleading as it’s not about the ‘flesh’ of the apricot (which is beneficial) but the kernel..

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    • very true, Carol your profile picture looks really nice to,would love to be friends with you on Facebook, but your privacy settings wouldn’t let me add you, can you please send me a friend request?

  3. Holy hell when will it stop……were all gonna die….if it taste’s good eat or drink, if it feels good do….live life while you’ve got it

  4. I’ve known about the potential toxicity of apricot kernels, and that people have been using them to treat cancer since I was a small child – so this is not new. How people used them I have no idea, but I would hope anyone wanting to try this would do their homework well before they start!

  5. Have to agree with Carol and Gregory. The headline is very misleading. There is nothing harmful with the flesh of this humble, delicious, little fruit! When eaten fresh 99% of people throw the stone away.

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