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We’re being taught that preventative – not reactive – health is becoming more and more important. This means that diagnosis is key and sadly, some diseases and illnesses don’t have an advanced diagnosis making it much more difficult to treat or cure.

Arthritis is one of these diseases however a team of researchers from Warwick University in the UK may have changed that forever.

They believe to have invented a blood test that can identify the most common form of arthritis – osteoarthritis – up to a decade earlier than the techniques currently used.

This means that doctors will be able to implement preventative programs earlier and help that patient to understand the things that will worsen the condition like weight gain, a lack of exercise and not enough key nutrients in the diet.

The test uses just a single drop of blood and it will ultimately slow the progression of this severely debilitating condition.

The test reportedly was accurate for 22 out of 30 people that participated in the trial and lead researcher, Dr Naila Rabbani said, “This is a remarkable and unexpected finding.

“It could help bring early-stage and appropriate treatment for arthritis, which gives the best chance of effective treatment.”

So tell us, do you suffer from osteoarthritis? Do you believe earlier diagnosis could have helped you? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. My pain is so bad sometimes that I just wallow in self pity and cry 🙁 and nothing I try helps!!

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    • I’m with you just want to sit and cry but to scared to stop for to long because all my fingers seize up and it’s very painful to get my hands moving again I have to open and close my hands every morning to get them to work it’s very painful at its worst I take anti inflametries every night and then when it eases off a bit I only take them every second or third night this week I’ve been taking them morning and night it’s been so bad but that’s not recommended

  2. Do have osteoarthritis in my left knee and know that the exercises I do( every morning) help a great deal in keeping me mobile and therefore happier in myself and can continue to be of use to the community

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    • I dont know if exercise helps me or not. Either way it hurts. Find it hard for Dr or Physio to tell me ecactly what my pain is. It was almost gone for a couple of wks after 12 mths. I went to physio, given an exercise and now its back. Pft.

  3. Will this breakthrough help those that already suffer from arthritis, or is this only of benefit in the early pre-stages of the disease.

  4. That doesnt help me now. I hope that it will help prevent it for future aged people. Im so over the pain and nothing seems to help except sitting and not moving. And I cant do that, I have always been very independant and dont want to start relyng on other people. So I just struggle on and shut my mouth.

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  5. The hype of ‘breakthrough’ for this or/and that irritates . Personal opinion only , Once proven the word breakthrough is justifiable.

  6. I have osteo and a problem I have is anti inflammatories give me relief but raise my blood pressure and cause fluid retention

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    • kempe yes these are two of plenty of the side effects I sympathize with you

  7. Yes I have this all through my body and wish I had it diagnosed earlier. I try to manage it and will not let it stop me from doing things and keep active.

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