Are you up-to-date with your vaccinations?

We all know they can help prevent the spread of many diseases, but despite being so important it can be all too easy to lose track of vaccinations later in life.1,2

A new survey reveals that more than a quarter of Australians between 65-69 years have not received all the vaccinations recommended by the government for their age group, and are therefore at risk of these diseases, including their potential complications.3

Today we’d like to ask the Starts at 60 community an important question: are you up-to-date with all your vaccinations?

Ageing makes us vulnerable to certain infections and keeping up to date with recommended vaccinations as we get older is important.4

As a community, we are diligent with children’s vaccinations as we recognise they are vulnerable, however at the other end of the age spectrum we seem to be a little more relaxed.

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Even if you feel generally fit and healthy, if you are aged 60 and over you could be at a higher risk of certain illnesses, and vaccination remains an important way to help protect yourself.4,5

Next time you see your doctor, a quick question could be all it takes to ensure you’re up to date with the immunisations recommended for your age.

Are you proactive with your vaccinations? When was the last time you spoke to your doctor about the vaccinations recommended for your age? Is flu season the only time you think about vaccination?


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