Another recall! Here’s how to protect yourself from getting sick

For all that we do to improve our health and avoid illness, it seems we sometimes don’t stand a chance

For all that we do to improve our health and avoid illness, it seems we sometimes don’t stand a chance – this is particularly the case with food outbreaks.

Earlier this year massive quantities of frozen berries were recalled and removed from supermarkets due to a Hepatitis A outbreak.

Today, customers in New Zealand are panicking as a popular brand of frozen blackberries and strawberries was recalled after being linked to four Hepatitis A cases.

“The company is FSL Foods, and the brand being recalled is Fruzio Mixed Berries sold in 1kg and 500 gram bags. This product contains blackberries and strawberries,” the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) said.

Customers have been advised to discard the berries and there have been numerous reports of people panicking after feeding their babies and families the berries.

While it seems the cases are restricted to New Zealand and the one brand of berries, it’s far too close to home considering the recent outbreak here in Australia, and the fact that again these berries were sourced from China.

Hepatitis A is a foodborne and waterborne viral disease that is spread through contact with the faeces of an infected person, close contact with an infected person or sharing personal things like water and towels.

Symptoms include, fever, skin jaundice (yellowish tinge, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, dark coloured urine, fatigue. While it is not a deadly disease, it can cause liver damage and is particularly dangerous for elderly people and those with existing liver conditions.

MPI advises anyone at risk who eats frozen berries from other brands to heat them to 85 degrees first.


  1. There are plenty of fresh fruits to put on your pav without having to use frozen. Kiwi, strawberries, mango, banana, nectarines…….

  2. Where can you buy frozen Aussie berries, I am forced to avoid them because of lack of access to Australian products.

  3. I eat frozen berries all the time on my cereal. I zap them in the microwave for 30 sec but is that enough. I am glad there is now an Australian company. I tried to find Aussie frozen berries when the last scare but found none. Hopefully this new company will source their berries from Australia.

    • this new company grows and sells in australia, this is why we buy australian, not chinese or imported, you can tell australian from chinese or imported, the australian ones are dearer

    • In Asian human sewerage is used for growing ,, That is one reason I will NOT eat anything from Asia

    • if you have ever had hep a or b you wont even think of bloody berries, I had when I was 21 and now 72 had never felt the same, and know I am fussy what I eat and where it comes from, if it anit out of my garden I give it a bit miss

  4. I don’t buy New Zealand food, because of the risk of the food or part of the food may have come from china!

  5. Anonymous  

    Why on earth would you ever consider buying berries from China anyway! I can’t read labels without my glasses but I always check where my food comes from – my health (and my family’s) is far too important. Just look at the baby food – the Chinese can’t get enough of ours, they won’t risk their babies lives either.

  6. I get a NZ brand called OOB which is supposedly organic and sourced from ethical places. However I’m never fully confident and if it says grown in China on any label I just don’t get it and go without.

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