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If you get the call to look after the grandkids this weekend be sure to say yes because, in addition to the fun, joy and love they bring, they also benefit your health and could stave off one of the worst age-related diseases.

A study published in the North American Menopause Society has show that spending a day with your beloved grandkids increases cognitive functions and reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.


The Australian study found grandmothers who babysat one day per week scored higher on a range of cognitive tests. This complements numerous studies that show that regular social interaction helps us stay more mentally sharp. By contrast, lack of social interaction can cause depression and even death.

It has also been shown that hanging out with the grandies reduces the risk of depression. A study by the Institute on Ageing at Boston College found that the closer the relationship between the grandparents and their little people, the less likely either were to develop depression.

However, there is a caveat – the Women’s Health Aging Project in Australia observed that grandparents who looked after their grandchildren five days a week or more were actually more at risk of developing neurodegenerative disorders.

Do you love spending time with your grandkids? What are your favourite activities? 

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  1. I love looking after Grandkids so much fun. Full time is a different thing would be hard I think. School holidays can leave me gasping. I take my hat off too the full time grandparents !

  2. Mine are all to big to look after, however I do love to catch up with all of them although that is getting tougher as they are all doing their own thing these days.

  3. I have my 4yr old grandson on a Friday and after day care for an hour or so. We have all sorts of adventures on our friday walk, there is always something new to discover be it insects or flowers or animals. We do paintings, facepainting he also helps plant my bulbs or potting up plants. Certainly keeps me busy

  4. Nope, waste of time. Actually the 21 year old is good company now. Got her head screwed on and won’t take crap from anyone. 😉

  5. I will continue to love them and look after them for as long as they want/need me to

  6. I can agree with this study – little ones love to make things and create make believe situations, role playing and the like. It is then life experience can be roused and shared with grandchildren, just as walks and playing in the park, gardening as well as cooking. there is much to be gained by all involved, both young and old, each challenging the other to explore areas that otherwise may not happen

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