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While there’s no magic remedy for a good night’s sleep, the right combination of foods can go a long way in helping your body cooperate come nightfall.

The following foods can encourage your body to release melatonin, the all-important hormone – usually brought on by darkness – that regulates your body clock and tells you when to rest. Which of these are a regular part of your diet?

Salmon Mustard Herb


You don’t need to get too indulgent with expensive delicatessen salmon (though it’s a lovely excuse to do so). Even a simple can of tuna on the side will give you a great boost of vitamin B6 – one of the essential ingredients the body needs to create melatonin.

Dairy Australia - ServesEDIT

Milk, cheese or yoghurt

Any dairy product, in fact, can go a long way in encouraging sleep. The calcium can also help make muscle movements a little easier, reducing the risk of discomfort overnight.

Happy mature man eating salad


The most boring ingredient in any salad has some sedative qualities that are surprisingly close to opium!



While it’s not socially acceptable, the rebellious cereal lovers among us have a great reason to break with tradition: the carbohydrates – not to mention the extra dairy goodness from the milk – will help the body rest.

rice heart shape on whiteplate


A serving of rice at night can help cut down the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. Studies show jasmine rice to be the most effective of all in bringing about rapid sleep.



While the other foods will encourage the body to release melatonin, walnuts actually have their own source of the hormone, which can sometimes triple the body’s own supply.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Which foods have helped (or hindered) your quest for some decent shut-eye?

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