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Brushing your teeth has likely become so second nature you probably barely think about it. It’s just part of your daily routine and it definitely should be. Our oral hygiene affects our overall health – brushing helps to prevent cavities and gum disease. Plus, different studies have confirmed that people with good teeth are perceived to be smarter, more successful and have a better personality.

Unfortunately about one-third of Australian’s have tooth decay and admit to only brushing once a day. But how can we change this number? We have all been brushing our teeth for 60 years or more so what else can we do for good oral hygiene?

Here are a few other suggestions from dentists to help you brush up on your toothbrushing skills. They’re easy-to-follow tips that you might not of thought of yet.

1. Brush twice a day for two minutes

The step is to make it routine to brush twice a day for at least two minutes. Gently brush, in a circular motion reaching all teeth. And some dentists suggest that instead of rinsing with water, just spit out what’s in your mouth so the leftover fluoride remains longer in your mouth.

2. Brush your teeth before eating 

Apparently cleaning your teeth before you eat (within the hour before) can help brush off the plaque. Then after eating have a glass of water or a mint to restore your dental pH levels.

3. Eat teeth-building nutrients

It’s a rare topic to discuss but the role of fat soluble vitamins are essential to our oral health. These vitamins include Vitamin D and K2 as they are important for calcium absorption and strong teeth. For instance, try adding eggs, salmon or take a supplement to get the necessary nutrients.

4. Reconsider your diet

Sugar is not the only enemy to your tooth health. For instance, refined carbohydrates such as flour-based bread, cereals and pastas can also be harmful to your teeth. You will still need to control your sweet-tooth habits!

5. Take probiotics for your mouth 

Our mouth is a complex space that involves a lot of maintenance. Many times the dental diseases we contract result because of our diet. Therefore foods that contain ‘live active cultures’ can protect the good bacteria in our mouth. Try to add foods like kimchi, natural yoghurt or other fermented foods.


Tell us, do you think you have good oral hygiene? Do you struggle with your teeth? Do you have any other suggestions?

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  1. i. Find these suggestions excellent. I found out by accident probiotics help immediately with balance in your mouth- gums are stronger for dentures. Then, flossing is importamt. I also use a small mirror to see and clean inside with a toothpick. Then biotine mouthwash is excellent for dry mouth. I wish we had these things when i was a child.

  2. I brush 3 times a day, floss, use toothpick and a tiny mirror to see underneath, biotine is good for dry mouth. Probiotics also help people who suffer from dry and sore gums.

  3. Good teeth go with good eating habits, inheriting good genes and most of all a good job giving you the cash to visit a dentist regularly.

  4. Hubby always says I have a swimming pool and overseas trip in my mouth! My whole bite had to be re jogged because I literally could not yawn or open my mouth more than 1 finger! We use electric tooth brushes and have been told their circular motion is the best.

  5. Best thing I ever did was get electric tooth brush. Even before oral b s circular one I had a up down one it was good but the circular ones best. I’ve a fortune in my mouth too. I’d love to have the $ now.

  6. Fluoride, is not bad for us, it is a vital tool in keeping our teeth healthy. It is added to water at a very safe level. Just ask a dentist who has worked in fluoridated and non fluoridated areas. Without fluoride the decay rate in children’s teeth is horrific.
    Flossing is essential and as we grow older, both age and medication dry out the mouth. If you do not like Biotine chew chewing gum instead. Chewing gum stimulates saliva and saliva is a buffer that helps prevent tooth decay.
    Never drink soft drinks, fruit drinks or energy drinks with a dry mouth, always rinse a dry mouth out with water.

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