These 5 things could drastically improve your heart health

We are constantly reminded of the importance of regular exercise and a balanced diet to improve our cardiovascular system. However, there are other variables like your attitude and social life that have an astounding impact on your heart every day.

According to the Australian Heart Foundation, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Australia with 43,946 deaths in 2012. In fact, the disease kills one Australian every 12 minutes.

Here are 5 tips for optimal improvement to your heart health.


1. Remain calm and relaxed

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Try not to stress too much. When we stress our heart rate and blood pressure increases which means the body is more at risk for a heart attack. You cannot change what happens in your environment but you can change how you react. Be aware and change your reaction to help you chill out. In a stressful situation, take a few deep breaths and try to remain calm.

2. Build social relationships and connections

Social connections are essential to heart health. It is so important to have social support from family, friends or religious groups. This connection can be extremely beneficial to your physical and emotional wellbeing. The connection doesn’t need to be physical, it can be via the phone or email. It’s important that the connection is meaningful so you can count on them for support.

3. Reduce your sugar consumption

We all love to sneak in a few sweet treats from cookies or candies but other products like soda, juices and alcohol are also loaded with sugar. Cutting back on these sugary products will help reduce inflammation and prevent the sugar spike and drop that leaves you feeling tired and irritable. The reduction in inflammation caused my sugar will help reduce heart disease.

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4. Be grateful

Take a moment each day to be gracious for what you have, for instance your home, family or simply the beautiful sunset. Let yourself experience true gratitude for the little things and then be aware of how fortunate you are. Gratitude relates to the above suggestion to remain calm and relaxed. The more you practice this process, the more your health will benefit.

5. Eat well 

These super foods have been proven to help your heart: oranges, kale, garlic, red wine, dark chocolate, sardines, lentils, almonds and pomegranates. Try to incorporate these foods into your diet for increased wellbeing.


What do you think about these suggestions? Share with us below.