14 ways to prevent and treat motion sickness

It’s cruise and holiday season and as so many of us head out on a fabulous cruise on the open

It’s cruise and holiday season and as so many of us head out on a fabulous cruise on the open seas or on long haul flights, there is the daunting knowledge that we could be tied over with motion or sea sickness.

While it’s a very real possibility, there are a few things you can do to prevent queasiness and, if you do still fall ill, remedy it quickly.

Here’s our top tips…

1. If it’s a particularly choppy day out at sea or a turbulent flight, watch how much you eat and drink. Avoid excessive alcohol and foods or liquids that “do not agree with you” or make you feel unusually full.

2. Try to sit or stand where you will experience the least amount of motion such as your room or in a restaurant. Standing on deck isn’t advised when the boat’s a rockin’! If you’re on a plane, try to close the window and close your eyes.

3. Get away from others who may be experiencing motion sickness.

4. Take some over-the-counter medications with you. If you’ve had severe motion sickness before, it could be worthwhile seeing your doctor beforehand regarding stronger medicines.

5. Ginger is by far the most common herbal remedy for seasickness and motion sickness. Take it in capsule form, which you can buy at health food stores.

6. Look at the horizon – You’ve heard it before but some cruise experts swear by it. The only thing that is stationary is the horizon when you’re on a rough sea and looking at it will provide some relief.

7. If there’s any way to get your hands on a carrot juice on board, do it. The carrot will help to calm you down and replenish your senses.

8. Suck on an ice cube to help calm your stomach and prevent the feeling queasiness.

9. Eat or drink some peppermint, whether in lozenge form or tea. Kids will like this too if you’re travelling with the grandies.

10. Just breathe – practice your breathing when you start to feel woozy. Take a seat and breathe deeply and sip on some cool water.

11. Drink a herbal tea to settle your stomach and prevent vomiting.

12. Apple juice can settle your stomach if you drink it before you depart.

13. Avoid books and screens as well as reading anything. Your inner ear can get confused with the motion and your eyes on a fixed spot.

14. Clean your ears – wax build up can make it harder for your body to adjust to high altitudes and make you feel sick.


Do you have other tips to add? Do you get motion sickness?


  1. The wrist bands work really well……..don’t care if it’s “all in my head”. They stopped me being sick.

    • Gaye I use the wrist bands too and they are fantastic. I can after all these years enjoy a trip in the car.
      I get car sick, train sick, bus sick, and the worst one is seasick!

    • Lyn Jacobs I purchased mine online from Global Travel Products (about $12 from memory) but they are also available at some of the larger pharmacies. Just follow the directions for wearing correctly and they do a really good job.

  2. Yes, I can’t even watch a fishing boat on a swell on TV. Flying got better when they changed the air systems, but then the new long haul planes got worse. No magic remedies, tried them all over the decades. On the water, if I can be outside in the fresh air facing front I can sometimes get through it.

  3. If you know you are prone to travel sickness start taking travel sickness pills a few days BEFORE you travel and keep taking them for a couple of days into the journey (especially sea travel). If you are OK and haven’t felt sick after this, stop taking them. I’ve done this a couple of times and it worked for me. A doctor advised me to do this.

  4. Ginger tablets! ‘Blackmores Travel Calm Ginger’ Buy them at the chemist shop.

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