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It’s safe to say that nobody chooses to be obese. The negative effects obesity can have on a person’s health are well documented. In addition, obesity can be a great blow to a person’s self-esteem and result in a surprising degree of psychological hardship. Here are ten things you might not yet know about obesity, but should.


  1. 3 out of every 5 adults in Australia are overweight or obese based on their BMI
    This is a sign that there are serious problems associated with the average Australian diet and lifestyle.


  1. Adults aged 55-65 have the highest rates of obesity
    Obesity is also one of the leading causes of death and disease. This sends a clear message to over 60s not only that they have an increased propensity for weight gain, but also that obesity can have a significant influence on their health and lifespan.


  1. Australia’s obesity rates are climbing faster than anywhere else in the world!
    At present, obesity rates here are on par with those in the United States. In a land where outdoor activities abound and fresh fruit and vegetables are readily available, this shouldn’t be the case, but it is.


  1. Obesity is a major contributor to heart disease
    Beaten only by smoking and high blood pressure, obesity is the third highest contributor. This means obese people are at a much higher risk of health complications than those of normal weight.


  1. Obesity can be caused by a variety of factors
    Factors can include lifestyle, genetics or other medications, and may not be entirely attributable to the choices of the individual.


  1. Obesity can lead to a shortened lifespan
    The condition has been linked to an increased risk of a mind-boggling range of diseases, from cancer and diabetes to heart attacks and respiratory problems. In order to fully enjoy your golden years, it is important to give yourself the best possible chance for optimal health. Tackling obesity is the first step towards better health for many seniors.


  1. Instead of assistance, obese people tend to be faced with discrimination and prejudice
    For many obese people, the road to good health is a lonely and arduous one. Instead of understanding and help, they are often met with nasty comments. To make matters worse, many people display prejudice against obese people, which can be horribly alienating.


  1. Obesity is similar to other long term conditions like arthritis or asthma
    It requires long term treatment to keep it at bay. In severe cases, a complete lifestyle change and treatment like gastric band surgery may be necessary in order to not only reduce weight but make sure it stays off.


  1. Even small amounts of weight loss can greatly improve lives
    Losing just a bit of weight can greatly improve a person’s mobility, making everyday tasks and exercising much easier and more enjoyable. Just as importantly, losing a bit of weight can work wonders for one’s social life and self-esteem.
  2. Obese people can get locked in to yo-yo dieting
    A vicious cycle, yo-yoing between crash dieting, losing weight and then putting it all back on. This is immensely frustrating and can lead to overpowering feelings of helplessness. In addition, constantly gaining and losing weight can wreak havoc on one’s health, leading to nutritional deficiencies, osteoporosis and even organ failure.


Obesity is caused by a variety of factors, but virtually all of its effects are undeniably negative. If you’re struggling with obesity, make a commitment to effectively deal with it once and for all. The problems associated with obesity can be passed on from generation to generation in a terrible cycle that’s already starting to play out in Australia with alarming regularity.


Are you suffering from obesity? What are you trying to do to get your weight back on track? Have you considered gastric band? Tell us below.

Ken Wong

Dr. Ken Wong is an experienced Australian trained weight loss surgeon practicing in Gosford, New South Wales, Australia. He has performed close to 1000 weight loss surgical procedures. He enjoys seeing great results from weight loss surgery and patients re-claiming their quality of life. www.centralcoastsurgery.com.au

  1. My waist gets up to 90cm which I reckon is about 6cm too much for my age, but many men tap my tummy and say they envy me. I would love to know the measurement of their waists as some look like around 100cm!

  2. I do not agree with that statement. People have choices in their lives and as most obesity is related to diet and lifestyle stop making excuses for them. Try looking in their trollies at the supermarket. How much is actually nutritious food. Tired of the statement everything in moderation. It is just s cop out for over indulging. Perhaps the answer is to heavily tax the sugar and junk food industries. Start eating real food

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    • And it’s people with your type of attitude that makes it difficult for obese people.
      Having to put up with negative comments and it all their own fault attitudes contributes to depression which is an extremely high reason for obesity.
      If you fall down a flight if steps, you don’t expect people to abuse you for being on the steps in the first place. You instead expect people to help you and try and prevent it from happening again.
      Think about it…….

    • Wake up 60% obesity stop making excuses. Not all these people have health issues. Biggest problem is what goes In their mouths mostly junk food

    • Rather overbearing statement Neryl.. IMO there is a LOT more to overweight than just what people eat. Emotional issues often play a huge part and we need to help others understand and get help for their problems which may cause overeating.

    • Sorry you are missing the point. So you believe that a 60% obesity problem is all down to emotional issues?

    • Prevalence of obesity in Australia, adults: 26.8.
      More veggies, more salads, less of everything else.

    • Neryl I don’t be so darn judgemental walk a mile in someone’s shoes before you comment in future

    • Walk a mile in mine you are the judgemental one. You have no idea so please keep your ignorance to yourself. I for one at least am aware of the massive issues facing our medical system over this. I’m not the selfish one. You one eyed self focused Individuals are. I know what I am talking about I have been there but I took responsibility for my health not wined and made excuses. God help us all with people like you in the world

    • I do mainly agree. There is only a small percentage who have medical reasons to be obese. I know it is difficult to lose weight.Smaller portions and plenty of fresh vegetables do it for me.Plus the fact I walk a fair bit.Keep active instead of sitting on your backside in front of TV or computer. May be harsh but it is a fact!

    • I’m with you Neryl ,I have very severe arthritis in my lower back,both knees,and right shoulder ,but I know if I put on weight ,I will make things worse ,I am tired of those that tell me I am lucky,because I wear size 10 .Guess what ,I work really really hard at staying fit .I gave up alcohol,and watch my portion sizes.there is no luck about it .Over weight people are often just making excuses.

    • Thank you Dee Gale Munro. I have the same comments. No luck in it just hard work and giving up things that were affecting my health, even if I enjoyed them I realised the affect they were having on my health

    • There are many more factors than simply exercise & portion sizes. Ever heard of the endocrine system….. It controls ALL the functions in the body. If any of the various glands of this system are out of balance, devastating health issues can arise.
      Our food chain has also been poisoned by endocrine disruptors which are components of bleach used in disposable nappies, feminine hygiene products & continence aids.

    • Oh for gods sake. 60% of the population are obese, type 2 diabetes is rampant and yes a portion of those have health issues. How many? I guarantee its not all of them. Give up refined sugar would be an excellent start for many

    • If you would learn to read through your selfrighteous haze Neryl, you will see that I said sometimes overeating is due of emotional issues and that people might need help to learn how this affects their eating habits. The way to lose weight might indeed be what you claim, but just telling someone that will not necessarily overcome lifetime conditioning.

  3. Neryl mcphee thete ate many people like me who suffer from insulin resistance snd it has nothing to do with lifestyle and diet. You can imspect my supermarket trolley whenever you want dearie and you will.find ir has fresh fruit and vegetable fish and chicken and some red meat whole grain breads lofat milk and margarine spread and absolutely no lollies chips cheese balls.soft drink or any other rubbish and with all that the only thing it does is msintain my overweight condition. So may i suggedt that begore you get critical of the many because of the few’that you researvh the subject a little further than the shoppi g trolley

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    • These people are giving opinions,you don’t have to give answers to the judgemental ones its none of their business anyway,others don’t have the right to judge you or anyone else

    • I am not judging anyone read some reports re the state to of the nation. You can all eat yourselves silly as far as I am concerned but ultimately we will all pay the price from medical costs this is supposed to be a website for mature people not trolls

    • Who gives you the right to call people ‘trolls’ because you dont agree with their views? Seems to me that you are the immature one.

  4. The real answer is to let persons be PEOPLE, Australia. UK. USA , ALL have the same perceived problem and YET the AVERAGE person in these countries is living longer! STOP treating us as statistics START Treating us as people With choices!

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  5. Not to be critical, but, why would you eat margarine ?

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  6. I am a bit overweight, not because I eat & drink a lot, but because I have Osteoporosis & arthritis in my lower back &’can’t exercise or walk very far. Would love to do both, but can’t & I don’t eat foods that are rubbish.

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  7. What a lot if people don’t understand is that may obese people suffer from depression. The more they are critized, the more they turn to things to comfort them. Food being a major comforter.
    When someone is trying to give up drugs or cigarettes or alcohol, they can di so cold turkey and completely go without.
    With food, one cannot give it up. One still must eat. Still go to tge shops and buy fiid with all those temptations, still see food advertised on TV and bill boards. These temptations are always there. As are the nasty critical comments from people who have never struggled with obesity.

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    • ANd food is our way of socialising.. we go for coffee, say ‘let’s do lunch, invite people for dinner to celebrate any number of things, food is a major part of our lives and it is hard to avoid, like Ruth said we can go without cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, whatver but you must eat.

    • That’s so true I love food and celebrating always have and the weight had piled on. I’ve always turned to food for comfort and some of the people on this sight may suffer from depression and are lonely. A little understanding wouldn’t hurt.

  8. I think that it is in relation to food and exercise…If more is taken in than exercised off then I guess it stays there…Works for me…

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    • I saw something on TV where a thin person had to put on extra weight (padding) then exercised. It was so hard for them. Try it -easier said than done to say the obese should exercise,

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