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Starts at 60 Coffee Meetups were a huge success in November and there are more planned for December. Thanks to our host volunteers from the Starts at 60 community, we have over 20 locations scheduled across Australia and New Zealand so you can easily find a meetup near you.

The next event is on Tuesday 1st December at 11am! 

We’re so excited for you to meet people in the Starts at 60 community! The events are FREE to attend, all you’ll need to do is treat yourself to a cuppa or snack of choice when you get to the coffee shop and have a chat.

You can confirm your attendance for an event by booking a FREE ticket from our events page. This will help us communicate with your community co-ordinators so they know how many people plan to attend.

To RSVP to the event in your area visit here:

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  1. I am in south Australia m near Salisbury where is the nearest near us

  2. I would like to attend a coffee morning but am hesitant to do so. Registering my interest requires my personal street address. Can someone tell me why this is necessary as I would think state and postcode would be sufficient.

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    • perhaps in case something happens that involves the participants on the day and someone needs to contact you later ie you left something behind

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