The wonder cleaning product you probably aren’t using… and 20 reasons you should

Got a bench full of scratches that won’t come out? Scuff marks on your skirting? Stubborn dirt and grime? Here’s

Got a bench full of scratches that won’t come out? Scuff marks on your skirting? Stubborn dirt and grime? Here’s a cleaning tool that will fix these problems and 17 other things.

They can replace several cleaning products in your home and the best part? There’s super cheap and only need water to work.

What are we talking about? Melamine magic erasers of course!

Melamine sponges are made of melamine foam, which is made up of formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer. Basically, this means that while the sponges feel like normal sponges, they are actually like an ultra-fine sandpaper, getting into tiny grooves of the object you’re cleaning. They aren’t harsh either, and replace sprays, tonics, toxic cleaners and a host of other chemical cleaners.

Here’s 20 ways to get the best use out of them:

  1. Remove tarnish from silver
  2. Remove soap scum in the tub and shower
  3. Remove marks on walls
  4. Remove adhesive residue
  5. Remove hair dye from countertops and floors
  6. Remove cooked-on stains in pots and pan
  7. Clean dish drainers that covered with lime and build-up
  8. Remove coffee and tea stains that remain inside a mug or coffee machine
  9. Remove melted plastic on a glass top stove
  10. Remove grass stains from shoes
  11. Clean oven door
  12. Remove soap scum and gunk from around the bathroom faucets, porcelain and tiles
  13. Clean your bicycle, even the tires and rims
  14. Clean inside your car (along the handles, window ledge, steering wheel, arm rests, dashboard)
  15. Remove stains on leather seats, purses, chairs, etc.
  16. Remove food stains inside plastic food containers
  17. Remove nail polish from walls, wooden objects, plastic
  18. Remove magic marker, permanent marker, and ballpoint ink from virtually any surface
  19. Clean inside of the refrigerator
  20. Remove finger prints and build-up on the keyboard and mouse

Are you using magic erasers?

  1. I won’t use the magic erasers to clean marks off walls, as they damage the paint surface and leave a shiny mark that nothing will remove.

  2. They are great for somethings, but, they can also remove the protective coating on certain surfaces! Test on a corner or somewhere out of sight first. It’s too late when a surface is damaged. It depends on what type of paint has been used on your walls, and how much pressure is used. A very very gentle wipe is often sufficient for good results, whereas a hard scrub can be disastrous!

  3. If you do use one, suggest you don gloves. It has formaldehyde in them. That is a toxic ingredient. It is used to preserve body parts kept in jars in old Labs.

  4. Chemicals chemicals chemicals ..for goodness sake ..why would you spread this poison all through your fridge kitchen bench tops stove etc etc etc …just use use good old elbow grease hot soapy water and bicarb …and steel wool pads …there’s enough toxic crap .around keep your house as free from.chemicall .s as possible ..

  5. I don’t care what you use ,you are not going to get scratches out of a laminated kitchen benchtop.

    • actually I did! it was an old peach coloured laminate and it had dark scratches all over…. used one of these and the scratches were completely gone 🙂 -Emma

    • Sounds like there is a misunderstand about what a “scratch” is. It will remove a scuff mark, but not a scratch that breaks the surface.

    • You can’t remove a scratch from any hard surface like glass or laminate, maybe they have cleaned the dirt out of the scratch and it looks like it’s gone, i’m sure now as well that they must be referring to a scuff mark.

  6. I have been using them for years. Great on any surface and no chemicals yeah!!!!

    • Sorry, formaldehyde is a deadly chemical. It’s used to embalm bodies. That’s just for starters. These are a chemical overload.

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