Simple but genius trick helps cut air-conditioning costs in this crazy heat

Are you roasting at home right now? Yes, the urge to turn on that air condition is very strong. But
Here's a simple but genius trick to help cut air-conditioning costs in this crazy heat.

Are you roasting at home right now? Yes, the urge to turn on that air condition is very strong. But we all know what having the air condition on for a long time can do to our wallet. Fortunately, a woman named Sue Evison has discovered this amazing air con trick. She told her story in a Facebook post and it has been shared thousands of times. Here’s what she said…

I have to share this with you… We did a delivery yesterday to a special customer and her house was like a fridge. She explained she has her air conditioner set to DRY which makes the room much more comfortable whilst only using half the power. I tried it at home myself and found I only have to run my one big air conditioner to make my whole home chilly cold without the stuffy feeling an air conditioner can cause. It removes the humidity out of the air, runs the compressor at a reduced speed and makes the room SO much more comfortable! Not to mention the huge cost saving in comparison to running the normal COOL mode. AND you don’t have to set your AC to a lower temp. The DRY mode is much cooler. Did you know setting your AC lower than 24/23 makes it use 10 times more power per degree? Watched a segment on TV last week about this…..Be sure to read others feedback about how this worked for them…


From Air Conditioning Services website:

Air conditioning matters – using the dry mode.

Air conditioners are very convenient devices especially when the temperatures are ridiculously high. When it is cold you can do something about it- wear as many warm clothes as possible. However, when the temperatures become unbearably high, there is only so much you can do about it. Removal of clothes has its limits. A good air conditioning system comes in really handy as it will keep the cool air running in your home and office to make life all that much easier. But what if you have no idea on how to use it? For instance, very few people know how to use the dry mode function that comes with most air conditioners today.

What exactly is dry mode?

Dry mode is often compared and confused with the cool mode. To some extent they do not feel different. Nonetheless, they are very different in terms of function and the result- even the remote control will tell you. On the remote, the dry mode is shown by a symbol which is a water drop on the other hand the cool mode symbol is frequently a snow flake. The dry function, as aforementioned, is not a common feature of all air conditioners. It is mostly on some varieties of central air conditioning units and window units. The main point of the dry mode is to reduce the humidity in a room. As you probably know, an increase in humidity translates into an increase in temperature. When it is humid, temperatures even those that are relatively low tend to be a bit too uncomfortable.

So, basically the dry function reduces the temperature in a room by lowering the humidity. This function is most convenient during those times of the year when it is humid for instance during the rainy season. During this season the temperatures might not be hot enough to necessitate the need for cold air. The humidity however, is high and quite irritating. One point worth noting is that the dry mode is not meant to remove all the moisture in the room.

The working of dry mode

When the air conditioner is function in dry mode, the fan and other inner components of the device will be running. However, the unit does not blow out any cold air. The air in the room passes through the aircon and the water vapor condenses on the evaporator. Dry air will then exit the unit and flow back into the room. This working of the dry mode is almost similar to that of a dehumidifier. A standalone dehumidifier can be found at just about home improvement or hardware store. This one is better than the air conditioner working on dry mode in the case that you are working on a large room. The air conditioner will only remove some of the moisture and not all.

Assuming that the thermostat is set to 25C and that the humidity in the room is about 90%, the air conditioner will reduce humidity till the temperature is 25C in that room. When the aircon is switched on, the fan will start running to suck in the air and the compressor cuts in to facilitate the condensation of the humidity. Once the room temperature has dropped to 25C then both the fan and compressor will stop. Humidity rises steadily again and so does the temperature. When the temperature goes to 26C the unit starts running again- the cycle repeats itself.

Cool or dry: which is better?

Cool mode works almost similar to the dry mode only that when the temperatures drop to 25C the compressor stops running and the fan is left on alone. In dry mode, it is all about keeping the relative humidity at a comfortable 60%. This happens in both the cool and dry mode but in dry mode this value is maintained. In cool mode, humidity keeps increasing dramatically as the fan continues running. Benefits of using dry mode include:

• Lowering moisture in the room significantly

• Maintaining comfortable temperatures without really cooling

• Energy efficient

Dry mode does not really cool the room like COOL setting. The cooling effect comes from the removal of excess moisture not that the unit is actually cooling the room however you will feel the room is in fact cooler and more comfortable. By using the dry function of your air conditioning unit you will be spending less money on energy bills. It is a really effective way of keeping the temperatures comfortable.

Have you heard of this trick before? Will you try it?

  1. Warren Naseby  

    I’ll try this when in a humid area. Not much use in Perth though; the air here is already very dry. Thanks for the tip though.

    • We have been using this dry mode ever since we got our air conditioner. Our electricity bill is no higher than it was before we had it installed. Its great and i wouldn’t ever use it on any other mode !! We have had our air conditioning for over 12 months.

  2. Gaye Moffatt  

    Yes will try this and see if it really works.

    • Robyn  

      It works. Gladstone QLD… I set mine at 26 and a dry cycle… never adjust, and runs almost all through summer when I am home. And no excessive power bills… love it and will continue to do it.

  3. Marilyn  

    Have been using this for a while. Works well, slower fan and does not swing. Haave never been sure if the doors/windows need to be closed???

    • Phil  

      Swamp coolers need to have a door or window open. HIGH humidity can be assisted by running the fan at a faster speed.

    • Best to close windows and doors as it slows the amount of hot and humid air entering the room. Your dehumidification will work quicker as well. Most air/cons have these settings within the menu and as well as the instruction manual will give a description of how to set it up.
      Manufacturers sometimes use different names for the dry selection so you may have to search a little.

  4. Noeleen Trueman  

    I actually used this trick during spring at night. It works extremely well.the other bonus-apart from a cool comfortable sleep, is reduced noise.

  5. I have never heard of this, however will try it when I go home. I generally only use my A/C for a few hours, to cooled down my tiny home and then turn it off before I go to bed. Any saving is welcome. Thank you for this information.

  6. caroline  

    it is humid right now so will give it ago,, thanks for the tip

  7. Sally  

    I have just tried it and YES it works, My room is cool and not so much noise. Thanks Facebook for the tip.

  8. Elaine Abbott  

    Is this mode on all air conditioners – ours is about 10 years old. I cannot bring up the dry symbol – sounds a great idea!

    • Chris Rowntree  

      My Panasonic reverse cycle
      is close to 10 years old and has “dry” mode. Just slide cover plate on remote down to reveal control buttons press “mode” . Each time you press it will change to “heat”, “cool” or “dry”.

  9. My air con doesn’t have a ‘dry’ mode. What symbol do I look for??

    • Leanne  

      On the remote, the dry mode is shown by a symbol which is a water drop on the other hand the cool mode symbol is frequently a snow flake. 😃

  10. Good idea, the other benefit to saving money is also saving energy and the reducing the impact that all this ac units are having on our environment.

  11. Lee Perinet  

    Am thinking about installing reverse cycle air-conditioning. I would like to know brands that have the dry setting & are reverse cycle.

    • Shirley  

      we have a reverse cycle split system – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries [as opposed to Mitsubishi] it has remote control with dry setting and has an adjustable 5 settings for fan speed ranging from auto, hi, med, lo and ultra low. can also vary the vents, both horizontally and vertically as well as left side/right side on different directions to each other and vents can also be oscillating up/down/left and right. No affiliations with manufacturer, just a very happy customer! we’re usually very dry in Central Victoria, but we do have some humid days so will give this a go next time the humidity jumps up 🙂

    • jonesi  

      fujitsu has the dry mode

      • Sharon Mundie  

        I have a fitjitsu and tried the dry mode but not very effective so am now using cool mode and it works very well and quieter too

    • Anne  

      What about Melbourne not usually humid …. Are the benifits the same in a dry heat. Keen to mak a saving.

    • Jane mcmellon  

      We have Daikens, very quiet and efficient with dry mode and reverse cycle.

    • Joan Day  

      I installed a r/c mitzibishi whole old house a/c and then added R5 EarthWool insulation. The house is 10 degrees cooler without a/c. (27C on 37C day). It used to be 37C inside when 37C outside. What a waste of a/c money! Though we may need it when the temperatures get over 40C and nights don’t cool down. Today 36C outside, 26C inside and 50C in (the Dark SA 0.7) roof space. Dark roofs have to be counteracted by extra insulation or paint your roof a light colour. See highly reflective roof coating companies, eg skycool or Solacoat. People with white roofs tell me that they rarely need to use a/c. People with black roofs tell me that their roof space gets to 78C to 86C. Research says that black roofs reach 30 – 40 degrees higher (than ambient). Why would anyone want that? Good luck with your decision.

    • I have both Daikin Emura and Fuji air conditioners. They have both inverter technology which is a must to me.
      If I had not installed the wires and pipes earlier between the inside and outside unit I would have got Daikin Ururu Sarara which is the Rolls Royce of all air conditiners in the world. Ururu Sarara series have unique humidity control system. But I am also very happy with Emura

  12. Shirley  

    We been using the dry ( dehumidity ) setting all summer. realy efficent & so cool

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