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We could talk all day about the benefits of living in a Stockland retirement village – like having a café and bowling green on your doorstep or the feeling of living in a community of like-minded neighbours. But, to be honest there is nothing like hearing it from the people that enjoy those facilities everyday – the residents.

Stockland’s village open days offer you an opportunity to meet their residents and pick their brains all while enjoying a cup of tea and a bite to eat (on Stockland of course!).

These events are the perfect way to experience the village first hand in a relaxed and informal setting. You can take a look around the facilities and the homes, chat with the residents and meet the Village Manager. As always, feel free to bring friends or family along to find out more.

To find your nearest Stockland village and RSVP to an open day click here. For more information call 1800 72 71 70.

Look forward to seeing you all there!







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  1. We live in one – small place small backyard no animals permitted though – thats a tough one especially for widows – not entirely convinced that this is the way to go for the elderly.

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    • We are allowed animals here and most of the villas have either large courtyards or, like mine, a reasonable sized courtyard on one side plus a balcony on the other off the 2nd bedroom. One of our sales ladies here actually moved into the village a couple of years ago.

  2. The thought frightens the shit out of me and my wife, we see them as a money grabbing one way ticket to the grave.

  3. Lived in one for 17 years till husband too sick -requiring me to move to city. Nice home, nice garden, no maintenance worries, new friends plenty of activities and interests (resident generated), personal freedom, free bus outings (including shopping). Plus meals on wheels (if required) and emergency button for ambulance and a caring manager. Suited us. Nice location, too, on South Coast.

  4. My wife and I plan to move to a retirement/over 50s village within the next year or two. Can’t wait to have no gardening and no maintenance and just hang around sipping wine, golfing and waiting to die.

  5. Retirement homes really scare me ! Tennis, Golf, swimming, mens’ sheds, card games, billiards, bingo, sing-alongs, shopping trips. None of this interests me . I need to play with cars.

  6. Good life for my parents, but the sting at the end is what will disappoint you. great for stocklands , but not for your family. The refurbishment costs is what will shock you on top of their 32% takings.

  7. I find it hard to believe that people are willing to hand over an Entry Fee and then an huge Exit Fee. Even if the Retirement village property stays with the market, so much money is taken by Stocklands and you are out of pocket by 10’s of thousands of dollars. The lifestyle must be worthwhile or so many would not fall into this trap. I am not willing to hand over my hard earned living. There are other options that doesn’t rip us off. Research is required. As our lives change it is time for Aged Care, and another minefield to encountered.

  8. I should add my parents had a lovely apartment in a Stocklands village in Brisbane and Stockland took over $65,000 out of the sale of the apartment, which included the refurbishment fees. That meant that after living there for 7 years they were out of pocket more than $30,000. No other property works this way. It means you really don’t buy the property but lease and then pay extra fees for the wonderful extras e.g. Coffee shop, lawn bowls, billiard tables, library, swimming pool etc. With the sale of their Stockland’s home they had to use all that money to allow them into a nursing home.

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