Who are these people and why must I endure them?

Am I getting old or is television just insufferable these days? Never mind the fact that everyone looks the same

Am I getting old or is television just insufferable these days? Never mind the fact that everyone looks the same and no one seems to have any new ideas for storylines (or a desire to use them), and never mind the endless cat videos and kids hurting themselves on swings, the thing I hate more than anything else is… panel TV.

Who are these people and why are they all shouting at or over each other?

Morning television has become a barrage of voices all clamouring to get their message across – at once. Is this democracy in action? Well, if so, I say bring back the dictatorship and letting Kochie speak.

And while we’re at it, what’s with the stools or the new trend of standing up while presenting the morning show? We know sitting is the new smoking but surely a couple of hours sitting on a nice sofa won’t kill you while you read the news?

But back to the panels. I don’t mind a bit of Q&A so long as Tony Jones keeps it under control, but even more important than keeping the noise and confusion down is the choice of who to have on the panel. Tackle whatever topic you want, but please TV people, please make sure the people you have on the panel have some shred of authority to speak on the topic!

Last night on The Verdict, Tasmanian MP Jacqui Lambie was spouting off about Charlie Sheen’s HIV. Is she a doctor? An ethicist? No, neither.

And during bottom-gate, we had to listen to multiple talk shows chat about whether or not one could touch a member of the royal family. Could the producers not find someone who actually knew the answer?

I’m told that on these shows refer to the people they put in front of the camera as “talent” but, I’m afraid to say, I’m not seeing much of that!

Do you watch “panel-style” TV shows? What do you love and hate about them? 

  1. I say much the same. It would appear that most of the women, at least on the commercial channels, have been told they must have longish hair. The normal breakfast show female person seems to be an exception. You don’t have to endure them though. Just turn the tele off.

  2. I love Q&A and watch it every week, we get a good variety of opinion from the guests and the audience, but I would never waste my time watching The Verdict . When the presenters are not people that you respect, why bother watching. Many of these show are just people pushing their opinions onto others, I can think for myself

    • I watch the verdict the first day for 5 minutes, the next week I thought perhaps they would have a different panel and topic, topic changed but panel was so obnoxious I lasted 2 minutes

    • So true Libbi, it’s all ones choice aye, no one’s holding a shot gun at ya head making you sit in watch….

    • Q&A would be fantastic if Tony Jones turned up about five minutes after the show finished.

    • I love Q&A sometimes I enjoy The Drum depending on the topics. I tried The Verdict on two occasions but I won’t bother again.

    • Are you serious. I never watch any ABC program because of their blatant bias.

      • Susan Bell  

        Kate Singleton, every year the ABC are monitored for bias. Every year there is a difference of about 30 seconds towards one side of politics and the other. There is no bias, proved time and again. What you are seeing is professional reporting without the political influence of owners as shown on other media. If you only want your point of view shown, then watch channels 7, 9 and 10. If you want to see other news watch ABC, Al Jezera, SBS, read on line from sites such as New
        Matilda, Huffington Post, The Guardian, etc., etc., there are so many places to find news, news that has content not fluff, news that argues with you, shows you another side to the story, shakes you out of your comfort zone. I also highly recommend Late Night Live with Phillip Adams on ABC Radio National.

    • what you watch is your choice Kate Singleton I am not telling anyone what to watch and please don’t tell me what I should like

    • I like Tony Jones on [email protected] .

    • There sure is Julie Campbell try watching Foxtel, it is all right wing bias and thanks for your comment

    • Um Libbi I was being sarcastic…. And the remark was directed at Kate not you….I don’t have Foxtel and like you I can’t stand right wing bias….

    • haha yes I guess that and had the box opened to edit it..I so used to being attacked I spoke without thinking so very sorry Julie xo

    • No problem as I seem to always agree with everything you post … Would they say we are latte sipping lefties or something…lol

      • Robb Gee  

        No, I don’t think so Julie, just diluded dogooders who know how to sprout the accepted line. Much like the people you are deploring. And when it comes to Katr Stephanovic I oft think of that line from Thomas a Becket – “will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?” For troublesome read gormless and for priest read Stephanovic. Along with his stupid giggling cohort in the morning and their carping strident equivalents on the panel. And thank the powers that be that Jessuca Rowe has giggled her last snort on channel nine.

    • Robyn Ross we all have a choice what to watch , if you are not happy with any program do what sensible people do and change the channel

    • its an individual choice as to what people watch and if you researched the background of the reporters or presenters you might be surprised to find out they are all very well educated and intelligent the content of the shows is scripted not just ad lib

    • Well educated or not Lyn June their opinion is not more valid than yours or mine and I do change the channel 🙂

    • no i don’t like any of the talk back shows so far.. and as for the verdict tried it twice and that’s just rubbish and they say to the viewers too join in and when they do its up there for like 2secons u don’t even get the chance too read what they are saying and its gone and its also so small what are they scared that there faces might be blocked out if they put up what the viewers have to say and big enough for us to read and or up there long enough to read also would help ..

    • Last nights episode of the verdict was a perfect example of your comment Libbi, I switched off. I love a good discussion and debate, not happening on this one though.

    • The ABC are the best and they have a great host in Tony Jones. Maybe the intellectual content is too much for some to deal with.

    • LOL Julie and Libbi, I think the favourite term is leftie, or do gooder … as if that is the most horrible thing in the world to be 🌸

    • I have also been accused of being a bleeding heart…lol
      I just listened to Richard Glover and Waleed Aly and shock horror enjoyed and agreed with the intelligent comments they both made….

  3. A huge embarrassment, I cringe every time I see these trendless gossip mongrels.
    Sadly all TV stations seem to be going the same way.

  4. In the above picture are four of the most intelligent Television presenters in Australia even if one of them is fat, the news is always up to date the sports well presented by a great sportscaster and current affair and other stories always entertaining.

  5. Very easy to deal with over 60’s…..


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