Petition calls for The Project to apologise

You might have missed a recent airing of The Project, but those who saw the program on Channel 10 on

You might have missed a recent airing of The Project, but those who saw the program on Channel 10 on November 9 were horrified at how broadcaster and panel regular Steve Price was treated, and they’ve signed a petition demanding he receive an apology.

Price became the ‘talk of the town’ after he and former Labor staffer Jamila Rizvi exchanged heated words on the program while discussing the shock election in the United States.

Price claims Rizvi interrupted him while the panel was discussing Hillary Clinton’s loss.

While Price has often been under fire for his appearances on The Project, the petition calls for him to be issued with a public apology by the hosts, and states that Price was “abruptly cut off and insulted by Jamila on national television despite his best efforts to lower the outrageous tone being fuelled by the guest”.

It claims that following this exchange Price remained silent for the rest of the discussion due to the “abuse and degradation” he suffered on the night.

Rizvi said she was in a state of shock following the result and was sad that the US had not voted in its first female president.

When host Carrie Bickmore revealed how women had voted in the US it appears she returned to Rizvi for comment, but Price interjected to share his opinion that the vote breakdown would indicate an underlying discontent.

“What that shows you is that people in real America, small town America, weren’t buying the bulldust coming out of the elits,” Price started before being cut off by Rizvi.

“Sorry can we cut this bull**** about the idea of there being a real America,” she said. “All America is real — and the question I believe was to me…”

After she’d finished speaking an obviously upset Steve Price went on the attack saying, “This is the reason why Donald Trump won, because people like you lecture and heckle people.”

Carrie Bickmore had to intervene when things started to flare up and said, “Pricey, we were talking to Jamila and you don’t need to keep that tone.”

Social media was quick to jump to Steve Price’s defence, expressing outrage at the bullying that occurred.

More than 16,000 signatures have been received in support of Steve Price. The petition needed only 8,500 to reach its target.

Did you catch the incident on The Project? What do you think about panellists talking over each other to get their point across?

  1. Colours  

    Poor diddums! Was asked to pull his head in while spewing his usual nonsense after someone else had been asked to comment. She’s right – there is no “real” America and in fact most Americans (and most voters) voted against Trump.

    • Pam Watson  

      He’s the most intelligent one on the show after Waleed. I was disgusted the way he was spoken to.

    • Bill  

      It wasn’t nonsense. The big cities voted for Clinton but away from them the Republicans clearly outpointed the Democrats.

    • Colours. If that was the case, that according to you, most Americans voted against Trump, how the hell did he get in then. I never watched the show mainly for this reason. The panel have their opinion and you have to go along with it, so what happened to free speech in Australia. Oh forgot you don’t get that on The Project.

    • Don’t let facts influence your comments. In fact the candidates were so poor that less than 50% of the electorate voted. In fact a small number of voters voted for the Democrat more than the Republican. Didn’t see the program so can’t comment on that.

    • Steve Price, another talentless blot on the tv screen who can dish it out but not take it. Pfft!

  2. Sheila  

    Steve Price is no shrinking violet and has insulted many people through the years, perhaps this is just Karma and really he was the one interrupting as the question was directed at the guest and not Steve.

  3. David Scott  

    The guy is an idiot who is controversial for the sake of it simply to attract attention. My experience of bullies is that they rarely respond well to assertive prospective victims. The reason Trump, Abbott and similarly obnoxious men get to positions of power is due to their bullying sycophants such as Price and the sheep who provide them with audiences and thereby influence.

    • Dieter  

      No mate the real reason is people like you can’t see the real world.
      Just get off your pink (and left ) cloud and realize what is really going on.
      People with agendas have their blinkers on and can’t see what else is around them.
      Also here in OZ most journos and the self called “highly educated elite” can’t see or are not able to see the change which is around the corner.
      I wish that the change will not happen but thru to our biased elite “the poor educated majority” unfortunately it will.

  4. Denise Keatley  

    Steve Price bullied OH PLEASE

  5. desleigh clarke  

    I don’t like Steve that much , BUT he has a right to speak & was constantly interrupted – so RUDE, and the hosts just ignored it. they should be ashamed, we switched channels after that.

  6. Chris Osborne  

    I was in Orlando, Florida, for the election and looked closely at the election results and the breakdown. It is clearly obvious the election result had absolutely nothing to do with gender and was all about a backlash by those who felt left behind by globalization represented by bother parties elites. Trump was an outsider offering change – any sort of change and the rest were offering much the same. The Democrats made fundamental errors by ignoring states like Wisconsin where Trump campaigned. There is a big lesson in all of this for Australian politics.

  7. wayne graham  

    get over you it left wingers if thy argee with you 2well thats life shoulb me off it free speech

    • Susan Bell  

      What did you write Wayne? Your sentence does not make sense.

  8. I didn’t watch that night but Steve is never short for words and very quick to respond when he wants to .

  9. Guy Flavell  

    For the life of me I cannot understand why people actually watch light-weight commercial garbage like ‘The Project’ ? Could ‘morons’
    be the best description of these people? Perhaps a bit harsh, Guy?
    Steve Price demeans himself appearing on such a rubbish show. He would be far better taking his intelligent and balanced comments
    over to Sky on shows like The Bolt Report, Paul Martin Live, Jones & Co, Viewpoint, etc where viewers could enjoy his discerning thoughts on
    a multitude of matters concerning logically thinking intelligent Australians.

    • um Guy, you jest surely.your comment is full of oxy morons regarding both Price and the shows you mention.

    • Debra coote  

      Cant understand why I read lightweight sites like this. Came up on my feed for over 60s discussion. If this is what 60s talk about can’t wait till I’m 70. Entertainment is entertaining and crap is crap. Steve price is paid to do a job. Let him do it. Save petitions for important stuff

  10. Barbara Pecze  

    Steve Price interrupted. Move on!

  11. Mary Heffernan  

    Don’t watch The Project, or 60 Minutes any more – they used to be good shows, but both have given way to sensationalism and media “egos”.

  12. Digger Kelly  

    Another reason Trump won. Biased media as shown by this program, almost nightly. No apology, just get rid of the show or show balanced views.

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