Dick Smith clashes with Waleed Aly

Australian Businessman Dick Smith made headlines this week when he threw his support behind controversial politician Pauline Hanson and her

Australian Businessman Dick Smith made headlines this week when he threw his support behind controversial politician Pauline Hanson and her immigration policy. Last night sparks flew between Smith and The Project host Waleed Aly when Aly asked more about his support.

Mr Smith made clear in his interview that while he supports Hanson’s immigration policy which would see the number of people allowed to immigrate to Australia limited he does not support her stance on banning Muslims. Mr Smith’s beliefs are that too many people being allowed to enter Australia could cripple its future.

When Aly brought up that Australia’s ageing population was going to put a strain on any growth because people still working would have to pay more taxes is when tempers started to rise. Aly said, “You can come up with an immigration program that meant so a whole lot of young people would have to work with taxes at huge levels to support the retiring… otherwise you would have to level with us now and tell us how much tax you want young working people to pay so that the ageing population can have a retirement?”

Mr Smith fired back by saying, “Yeah, that’s absolute rubbish. You don’t understand basic economics, and all I can say is it’s going to get worse and worse.

“Peter Costello said that we’ve got to have three per cent growth. That doubles everything every 25 years. It gets to most incredible figures. A billion people in the time of 200 years of modern Australia. That would be ridiculous.” He then added, “I’m happy as a wealthy person to pay more taxes, to pay my tax now, so we don’t have to have a Ponzi scheme because it will affect young people.”

Mr Smith believes that the population of Australia to stay below 26 million people. He will be meeting with Pauline Hanson but has ruled out donating money to the One Nation party.

  1. Phil Spencer  

    Dick Smith is an idiot, he got his money because he was in the right place at the right time, he is out of touch with modern times and needs.

    • Guy Flavell  

      I’m sorry Phil, but that comment actually made you look like a total goose.
      Dick Smith is undoubtedly one of the truly great Australians and if you’d managed
      to achieve just 1% of what he has in his life then you would be justified in being very proud.
      Dick is possibly our greatest philanthropist and was a highly successful businessman in the electronics field. He has also championed small-business to an unusually high degree and has
      been successful in retaining (and creating) countless jobs in the food production arena.
      So, next time you feel like making a mindless swipe please do it one of the low-life blogs
      like the ‘Guardian” where you’ll find plenty of equally ignorant cronies.

    • Judith Ann  

      Well if I ever had to start the day with reading crap then this has to be it.
      Dick Smith has never been in the right place at the right time.
      He created his own place and time.
      Want to know how he started? He went to school with my husband, and he designed an amazing electronic radio and he just went from there. Promoted himself and started his first Dick Smith store and then hundreds of them.
      He’s an adventurer and a very proud Australian.
      Dick Smith Foods profits (100%) of them are all given to Charity. He makes no money from this company itself.
      Now when you can say you have proudly done the same, I suggest you keep quiet. What has been your amazing contribution to Australia.
      He pioneered Australian Geographic at Terry Hills in Sydney.
      Now you tell me you know why you said what you said. I’d like to know how you think someone of this amazing calibre could possibly be out of touch with modern times and needs.
      Modern times lately are ruining Europe (open a paper) and needs – well those in real need are getting nothing.

    • Nigel Throthingham  

      Phil Spencer. What have you ever done to compare yourself to Dick Smith? Come on, tell everyone about your exploits. I suspect you are nothing but a blowhard!

      • Guy Flavell  

        Couldn’t have said it better Nigel.

  2. Leone O'Sullivan  

    As soon as Dick Smith described population growth as a Ponzi Scheme – I understood what he meant. Import more workers to support paying for retired and non working people. Sounds great. But all that is doing is compounding the problem because that population of workers will grow old like us – and there will be more of them, so the population has to grow more to have more workers….Ad infinitum.

  3. Stephen Kilgariff  

    Waleed Aly is a headline seeking muslim apologist. All he wants to do is to create confrontation and confusion so he can show the world that no one can answer his inane questions about inslam and immigration. This bloke condemns Dick Smith while he sits back with his $millions and cracks a wry smile at how stupid the populace is to listen to his drivel on TV and radio!

  4. Trevor  

    Why would you waste time with Waleed .Our Hospitals, roads etc can not keep up with the immigration numbers now and the increase of refugees will cause the welfare budget to blow out even further our standard of living is falling.

  5. Our young people now cannot afford to buy a home with family around them to help in the process, how are thousands of refugees arriving in our country with more than little than the clothes on their backs, going to be able to establish themselves without massive assistance from the government….this money should be used to help our own young get themselves established and build their families…Waleed, Adam Goodes etc argue strongly for the rights of “their” people yet living a life far removed from those they allegedly champion….my sons and their wives taxes now are contributing to supporting thousands of refugees and migrants who are unable to obtain work, where is this fair Waleed ???

  6. Meryl  

    I believe we are in danger from all Muslems who believe in Islam and go to Mosques, which is a great deal more than 1%. Maybe only 1% are visibly doing the damage to the western world but the other 99% support them.

  7. I’d back Dick Smith every time. He knows his stuff and doesn’t take crap from poncy liberal Muslims (if there is such a thing) like Waleed Aly. I’d love Adam Hills heading the Project although it would be way less serious and a lot funnier. Or bring Back Charlie Pickering!!!
    Life is very odd. Y since 9/11 when Muslims destroyed theTwin towers and part of the Pentagon, have we been making such an effort to be very very nice to Muslims?
    I have no problem taking in refugees, and I think their burkini swimsuit is a great idea. But they have to assimilate. Dick Smith why not run for PM? You could be Australia’s Donald Trump except, you are not orange, have a better haircut, and you are a great businessman. Id vote for you!

  8. Valerie  

    Just that comment alone about young people having to pay more taxes so older people can retire makes me very 😡 My husband and I have worked since we were 16 and paid taxes for 49 years right through having 2 children without any government payments or “maternity payments” we are now am at retirement stage and have no worries at all every fortnight receiving our pension payment. Waled would be the one reason I would stop watching the project.

    • He is the reason I don’t watch the show. Has he not heard of older people who have worked all their lives and are self funded retirees with little income!

  9. Coral  

    Why should pensioners be made to feel obligated to anyone for receiving their pension. It has come to them through hard work and sacrifice made so the younger generation should have life a bit easier than they did. They have paid their taxes and supported their country through thick and thin. Unfortunately some people like Waleed Aly believe this is a handout.

    • Sharon  

      Hi Coral
      I agree with you. I am a 67 still working part time.
      I would like the government to increase the amount we can earn before, losing a high precent from our pension.
      I work in a very physical job, and recently decide to degrease my work hours.
      Why, because Centrelink took half!

  10. Waleed Aly you are a pratt. I am retired, but I paid taxes so that i would have a pension at the end on my working life. We are not getting a handout as you seem to think, we are entitled to this payment. If you don’t like it, clear off. You probably don’t have to worry about money, well pensioners do, we are not living high on the hog, a lot of us a struggling. Unfortunately the more refugee and immigrants we let in who DO NOT work the bigger liability they become. They have not worked for the money that is handed out to them. So Waleed Aly have a go at them for poncing off the welfare system.

  11. Robert Green  

    Wally the wanker is a lefttard apologist that has trouble with anything not within his narrow abilities to reason. I know exactly what Dick Smith is saying about immigration levels inferred by others and touted by wanky Wally (ww). He has a vested interest in immigration, it is the best way to get the greatest number of invaders in with the blessing of the Lefttards. The way Europe is going, we will have plenty of Swedish, Danish, French and German Caucasian refugees to more than fill our quotas. And they will be safe, self starters who won’t be a drain on our economy and will continue to enrich our way of life, not winge, complain, be offended and queue up for social security every fortnight.

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