Tom Hanks thinks he’s an idiot for getting Type 2 Diabetes because of this silly diet

You probably already know that Tom Hanks has type 2 diabetes; he revealed that in 2013. But he’s starting to regret

You probably already know that Tom Hanks has type 2 diabetes; he revealed that in 2013.

But he’s starting to regret not taking better care of himself when he was younger.

“I’m part of the lazy American generation that has blindly kept dancing through the party and now finds ourselves with a malady,” said Tom in a new interview featured on E Online.

“I was heavy. You’ve seen me in movies. You know what I looked like. I was a total idiot,” he said.

Tom revealed that to fix the situation, he would make slight alterations to his meals, thinking that this ‘diet’ would actually be enough. “I thought I could avoid it by removing the buns from my cheeseburgers,” he explains. “Well, it takes a little bit more than that,” said the Oscar-winning actor.

But his doctor said that there is a way to get rid of the disease. “My doctor says if I can hit a target weight, I will not have Type 2 diabetes anymore,” said Tom.

“My doctor said, ‘Look, if you can weigh as much as you weighed in high school, you will essentially be completely healthy.'”

“You will not have Type 2 diabetes,” the doctor said to Tom.

To which Tom replied, “Well, then, I’m gonna have Type 2 diabetes, because there is no way I can weigh as much as I did in high school.”

But what about those roles where actors have to lose or gain weight? “I’ve talked to a number of actors who have gained weight for roles, and just the sheer physical toll it puts on one’s knees and shoulders—no one wants to do it again,” said Tom who would also no longer be willing to gain or lose weight for roles.

“I’m 57 and I don’t think I’m going to take on any job or go on vacation again and see to it that I can gain 30 pounds.”

Have you also tried Tom’s ‘diet’? Do you think kicking carbs out of the equation can help?

  1. Colours  

    I gave up animal products: meat, milk and eggs, and went from 85 to 75kg in about three months, and have stayed there, my ideal weight, ever since. I can eat as many carbs as I want. I didn’t do it to lose weight though, I did it because I didn’t want to put my shopping dollars towards cruelty.

    • You gave up the very things that are needed in our diets, that promote health; albeit that it has to be organic to give you the best chance. What it’s necessary to give up is, processed food, with grains, wheat and sugar

  2. i tried all the diets and the only one that worked was atkins low carb high protein and i was as fit as a fiddle. no choldesterol issues etc trouble is ive gained so much weight since starting anti depressants ( even though im eating little if anything).

    • There are some anti depressants renown for putting on weight. Speak with your prescribing physician as we know with an increase in weight how we see ourselves also contributes to depression. There is alternate tablets in the same group of anti depressants that don’t add the weight as your current meds do. Good luck – you have done it once you can do it again.

  3. Henry  

    Diabetes Type II. Losing weight to a level suggested by a diabetic dietitian is one necessity. The other is to watch what you eat. Food such as chicken, fish and even rump steak (without the fat) may lower your mmoL/L to the pre-diabetes level of 6.5 (7 being the threshold). For vegetables try warm stir fry without using cooking oil or butter.. Red Kidney beans also help, but one can eat these only to a point of tolerance before they start to taste and smell like cat’s urine. Non vigorous exercise by walking around several streets in your suburb helps to maintain your lower weight. Get off sugar, use supplements instead or top your tea / coffee with cinnamon. One you are on the right diet for your circumstance, stick to it…for the rest of your life.

  4. Lots of Veges and some fruit, minimal meat and carbs. Mostly the secret is use a calorie counter. Lay off the sugar too. I lost 12 Kgs. Need to lose another 10. The biggest enemy is takeaway.

  5. Elke  

    It depends if the Type 2 was caused through obesity or if it is genetic. I have genetic diabetes, it has run in my family for generations, but it is not Type 1. When I asked the doctor to check for diabetes, her answer was “but you are so slim”. Nothing controlled my diabetes and had to start with insulin injections and since then I have put on weight but I am not obese. To lose weight is only beneficial if weight was the cause, however it is always better to be on the slim side for everyone. To know which foods cause the individual a rise in glucose level, prick your finger and measure before and after food, everyone’s system is different and to know how one reacts is so much better than guessing and choosing the wrong foods – enjoyment is also important and if in moderation a diabetic can even enjoy chips (just not every day). For my Christmas dinner I “treat” myself to spaghetti because I should not eat them 🙂 Good luck Tom, one gets used to it but get a few different opinions from different doctors – best advice is given by a doctor who is also diabetic.

  6. I wish people would educate themselves regarding diabetes type 2. You can’t “get rid” of diabetes type 2. Once you have it you always have it. Yes you can drop weight and not need medication anymore, but once you start eating too many carbs your diabetes will be out of control again. The ideal would be to maintain a healthy weight, try not to stress because this also spikes up sugar levels even on a healthy lifestyle. Stay away from white food, potatoes, rice, bread, sugar. If you have the flu or get sick your sugar levels can rise. It’s such an insidious disease and different for each individual.

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