This famous Australian has dyed her hair pink – would you dare?

Studio 10‘s popular news reader, Jessica Rowe, has dyed her hair pink! The daring change has been described as “holiday

Studio 10‘s popular news reader, Jessica Rowe, has dyed her hair pink! The daring change has been described as “holiday hair”, with many Aussie women inspired by Jessica’s boldness.

As women get older, we often feel hemmed into one particular cut or colour. There are many other options available though, with celebrities dying their hair pink, purple and even blue. Would you go there?

What’s the wildest hairstyle you’ve ever tried? Would you ever try hair-dye this bold?

Holiday hair!!! Love you @shaunleesalon @slfollowmylips #pink

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Only 9 days of holiday hair left! Husband counting down the sleeps… #craphousewife A photo posted by Jessica Rowe (@jessjrowe) on

  1. I am used to seeing Jessica Rowe do these things and the colour does suit her. Would I do it, probably not, but then I am a good deal older than Jessica. When I was younger I had mauve hair, so probably would have done pink hair as well.

  2. It’s short hair and can easily be recoloured- here’s a novel idea why doesn’t she try her true colour if she can remember what it is

  3. Good for her. I have no problem being experimental with hair because it grows out. I remember when I was young and my cousin who was my age dyed her hair green. Her mother went into meltdown (just the reaction my cousin was wanting). The colour grew out and my cousin enjoyed herself immensely at the expense of her mother. I tried to tell my Aunt to chill, that it was only hair. The only thing that would phase me would be tattoos. If you decide in 20 years that it was a bad idea it can be painful and expensive to get rid of them.

  4. Thats a horrible thing to say Brian Joy Privett!!! That poor woman has had a terrible life. Mum with Bi Polar and Cancer herself. Shes a beautiful woman inside and out. SHAME ON YOU NASTY PERSON!!!

  5. I would. I already hate my shade of grey and as my original colour is red I dye it all different shades of red.

    • Yes there is Steph. I started out trying to keep it close to my own but now i just do the reds I like on the box at the time. ☺

    • Good on you Fran! I also dye mine. Hate hate hate grey. I tried letting it go once and it aged me 20 years. And I’m not ready to do old! So back came the highlights and tinted roots and that’s how it’s staying 😊

    • Yea Kaylene. Mine goes yellowish. I have a couple of friends who have beautiful grey hair. Not for me. 😊

    • I was natural copper red but that’s hard to get. I did this yesterday because I needed a lift. ☺ Go for it Victoria.

    • Love your hair Fran. I have been blonde all my 66 years then in August last year changed to red with few light highlights through it and love it. If nothing else it was worth seeing the look of disbelief on many faces of friends etc when they first saw it. Got the thumbs up from majority of people though.

    • I know grey looks good on some people girls, but if you like colour or want a lift or just for fun, why not.😊😀

    • My hair is totally grey at the front, and sometimes I think my face blends into my hair colour, if I colour it I look alive. Lol

    • Looks great Fran. Mine is dark brown with blonde highlights, length….just sits above my shoulders, possibly shorter.

    • Mine is a little short Christa. I did ask her to leave it longer. I like it around my neck. The last hairdresser who coloured it botched it and I botched the last lot of highlights. Photos girls?

    • Haha. I know Libbi. Have you still got your blond locks which looked vety pretty?

    • yeah but am not keen Fran, might be a devil and go orange next time, or how about a vivid shade of sky blue haha

    • I don’t know how to put photos on here! Think my hair style has changed a bit from my old photos on my page.

    • Christa I ill try to explain darling in case you want too at another time, go to the box you want to comment in, you will see a small camera click on it and go where you have stored your photo in your computer, then click it and hit will go onto facebook or in here 🙂 hope you can understand that

    • Will ask my grand daughter tomorrow as she wants me to put one up too and I said she would have to show me how. So watch out!!

  6. I don’t mind a bit of a stroll on the wild side, but while I say “go for it” to others, pink hair is not for me.

  7. Not a fan of hair dyed an unnatural colour… Not really a fan of any dyed hair, it rarely looks natural.. I did do my fair hair pink for a Fancy Dress party, it washed out very quickly….

    • It is not the point to look natural, the point is to make you feel more like you or to give your self esteem a boost. I like Ruth’s (above) and Fran’s, they both look great.

    • I have two friends who both dye their hair bright shades of red and pink I love the way they both look as they both have lovely “out there” personalities. I colour my hair more traditionally but would not go my natural colour which is ageing salt and pepper rather than white or a softer grey.

    • Kerry Harper : Some people have the ability to carry it off others don’t, but you should not begrudge the fun and the psychological “lift” it gives people.

    • If you think it looks alright, go ahead it’s your hair.. I don’t have to like it…

    • Funnest (not a word I know) hair color I ever had. Always had red but this was just a bit more out there.

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