There is some amazing TV at your fingertips, and you can get it right now

When there is a lull in a conversation the go-to topic was the weather. Those days seem to be over

When there is a lull in a conversation the go-to topic was the weather. Those days seem to be over as today the conversation goes to “What are you streaming?”. For some they answer is “Grace & Frankie season 2” or “ABC iView” but for others, it might be “I’m not streaming”.

The people who have a streaming service for their home entertainment, whether it’s ABC iView, SBS On Demand, or Netflix, have trouble remembering why they held out for so long. The ability to watch the latest programs, as well as all the classics, any time you want  is very convenient. But where to start?

It can seem very daunting trying to get into the world of video streaming but it might already be at your finger tips. Your mobile phone or tablet can start using ABC iView, SBS On Demand, TenPlay, 9Now, and PLUS7 for free right now. You may also enjoy Netflix, Stan, Presto, or Foxtel Play but there is a monthly subscription fee for these services.

It might be good for short viewing on the small screen but if you rather have your viewing entertainment on the big screen, there are a few extra steps.

If you have purchased a television within the last five years, you might have a Smart TV. Smart TV’s allow you to connect your television to the internet and install the video streaming apps so that you can enjoy the online content and free to air from the same remote. To check if your TV has the Smart TV features you may need to consult the manual or Google the model of the television to find out further information.

If your television isn’t as smart as it could be there are many devices that your can easily purchase that will brain it up a bunch. The cheapest is the Google Chromecast is a device that plugs into the side of your television and allows you to send videos from YouTube, Netflix, Stan, and ABC iView to your television. The Roku and Apple TV are two ingenious boxes that connect to your television and will give you the ability to use the most popular streaming apps on your television. The prices for these boxes vary but can run a few hundred dollars. If you are a Telstra customer, they do offer the Roku as part of their Telstra TV bundle.

No matter what technology or service that you decide to use, keep aware that you need to check your internet service package. Some packages have a bandwidth usage limit and streaming video can impact the usage a lot.

The paid subscription services such as Netflix, Stan, and Presto do offer free introductory offers but keep note of when you signed up as when the trial period ends they will automatically take payment from your credit card.  Gizmodo has an excellent service comparison for all of Australia’s leading streaming services.

Once you are connected and streaming enjoy the amazing programs, movies, and original series that you can only access through this method. Then the next time you are attending a function, you can turn to your friend during the lull in the conversation and say “What are you streaming?”.

What streaming device do you use? Which is your preferred streaming service? What are you streaming now?