The Queen’s father said he “lost something precious” the day she was married

What did your father say to you on your wedding day? Did he give any hint of how he was

What did your father say to you on your wedding day? Did he give any hint of how he was feeling?

To celebrate the recent wedding anniversary of Prince Philip and the Queen, Her Majesty’s office has released a short, sweet letter written by the Queen’s father, King George VI, 68 years ago, not long after his daughter’s wedding.

He writes:

I was so proud and thrilled at having you so close to me on our long walk in Westminster Abbey,” the emotional letter begins. “But when I handed your hand to the Archbishop, I felt I had lost something very precious.

You were so calm and composed during the service and said your words with such conviction, that I knew everything was all right.

I have watched you grow up all those years with pride under the skilful direction of Mummy…who, as you know, is the most marvellous person in the world in my eyes, and I can, I know, always count you, and now Philip, to help us in our work.

Your leaving us has left a great blank in our lives, but do remember that your old home is still yours…and do come back to it as much and as often as possible.

I can see that you are sublimely happy with Philip, which is right, but don’t forget us is the wish of your ever loving and devoted…Papa.

The Queen was incredibly close with her father and no doubt this is one of her most precious possessions.

King George passed away suddenly while young Elizabeth was on tour in Kenya with her husband in 1952.


What did your parents say to you on your wedding day? And what words of advice or love did you have for your own children as they walked down the aisle?