Shock as Princess Mary’s son caught in dangerous Gold Coast rip

Princess Mary has been doing a great job keeping a low profile as she holidays with her husband Crown Prince

Princess Mary has been doing a great job keeping a low profile as she holidays with her husband Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark and their four children, however it was a shocking rescue on a Gold Coast beach that made headlines.

Heir to the crown of Denmark, Prince Christian, was caught in a scary rip on Mermaid Beach on Thursday afternoon, however as the royals kept such a low profile the lifeguards had no idea the 10-year-old was royalty.

Princess Mary hadn’t forgotten the rules of the Australian beach – swimming in the red and yellow flags – but it seems a rogue rip entered within the zone.

7 News reported Mermaid Beach lifeguard Nick Malcolm paddled out on his board to save 10-year-old Prince Christian who was caught in dangerous surf.

“We got him before it got too serious, but he wouldn’t have come back in,” Stuart Keay told 7 News, hinting that he saved the young royals life.

The lifeguards had no idea who the boy was until a bystander came up and told them.

Crown Prince Frederick personally thanked Mr Malcolm for rescuing his son. Luckily, the boy has been very brave and not deterred by his dangerous dip – the family were spotted back at the beach the next day.

It’s a reminder to us all not to look away for even a split second if we’re supervising our grandchildren at the beach, even if they’re in the flags.

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  1. I don’t know why it is such a shock, it happens to Australians every day of the week and Mary was born an Australian she should know the dangers

    • I was involved in Surf Life Saving at Mermaid with my son for 10 years. It can be a treacherous stretch there. I think Tallebudgera Beach is more for young kids especially overseas kids not used to our conditions

    • What does surprise me is that the poor child was actually given the freedom to get himself into any threatening situation, be it real or just plain over protective.

    • She knows the dangers. That’s why they were swimming between the flags. No one knew they were there till this happened.

  2. Could have happened to anyone….doesn’t mean she wasnt watching him all happens so quick….

    • I agree. I think the media are hyping it up for a story. Good to see the lifesavers were on the ball and got to him before it became a dangerous situation.

  3. Every day events the tides n sea change every minute no ones fault the child is safe that’s what counts

  4. When I lived in Mermaid Beach I also got caught in a strong rip and was out to sea in seconds. The Gold Coast beaches are more dangerous than many people, especially those who are not residents, realise. Too often I would see the helicopter pulling bodies from the surf. Respect and gratitude to all those who work to keep the beaches safe, especially to the life guards 🙂

  5. Be kind people…. She was watching him as any mother or father would do… Don’t be so judgemental…

    • I agree Carol. These things happen in the blink of an eye. I am certain he was being watched. Thanks to our wonderful lifesavers for the job they do keeping us all safe on our beaches.

    • He probably had protection agents as well. He wouldn’t have been out there on his own.

  6. I know this boy knows how to swim but i will say it again all swimming lessons in Australia should be free we advertise ourselves of sun sand & surf so everyone in Australia should know how to swim

    • Bev  

      When I was a kid, my school had swimming lessons at the local baths, free It was a Learn to Swim Government campaign, and I got a certificate at the end. I went for a couple of years. We went to the Carlton Baths, and it was outdoors and cold water, but lots of fun.
      I took my son at age five to Northcote Baths every Saturday morning to learn how to swim, for a minimal fee. It should be free .

  7. Who cares!! Wouldn’t make the news if was anybody else, happens everyday. 🏊🏊🏊🏊🏊

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