Scary Packer: Late mogul’s granddaughter says he haunts her house

For many of us, the thought of Kerry Packer haunting our house is more like a nightmare, but for 21-year-old Francesca Barham-Packer,

For many of us, the thought of Kerry Packer haunting our house is more like a nightmare, but for 21-year-old Francesca Barham-Packer, it’s oddly soothing.

She has revealed to Vogue that she think her famous grandfather Kerry Packer haunts her house.

“He’s definitely haunting my house,” she said. “(The television is) always on the cricket when I turn it on. It’s a funny thing when you lose someone very close to you. You lose them but you don’t. Every time I go to the polo I think of him”.

The Daily Telegraph reports the young granddaughter of one of Australia’s most recognisable figures has had an interview with Vogue about his philanthropic work, and conversation naturally turned to her grandfather, though she credited her success to the women in her life:

“I think, the whole time growing up in my family, (learning from) my mum and my grandma, it’s been a really big part of growing up and becoming responsible.

“And responsible doesn’t mean for yourself — it means for yourself and for the people you care about, and for the community you live in, and for everyone else on the planet.

“And it’s exciting, growing up and becoming even more aware of that and seeing more of what can be done in the world, what needs to be done and hopefully what I can do.”

“The men are obviously tough and strong, big and tall, and every single other stereotype that exists on the planet … But the women are stronger and tougher, and more amazing.”

It’s been 10 years since Kerry Packer died, and Francesca said she loved to baked pink cupcakes with him and play cards. But perhaps not watch cricket!


Tell us, do any of your late relatives haunt your house? 

  1. Poor young Francesca is obviously missing her grandfather but most if not all of those incidents would be coincidental, Kerry is resting soundly. He won’t be coming back. I hope his grandaughter adjusts to the loss of him and finds peace

  2. I believe when you die you are gone, all that is left is a memory. I don’t believe in ghosts. She misses her grandad

  3. With all the people that have died since man got out of the tree’s , if there were ghosts, there would no be no room for the living. Kerry is long dead

  4. Why laught! I beleive her! Dont let anyone put shit on you! People dont know how to deal with the unexplaned!

  5. So sad so many here have not had the wonderful experience of connecting with passed over loved ones…you are truly missing out….

  6. She obviously is looking to put the house on the market and wants to pump the price up?

    • why is it that someone always has to be mean? trying thinking a bit more positively Wanda ~ with her money I doubt very much that would be her reason for putting herself forward for ridicule?

  7. The night after Packer died I dreamed that I woke up and he was beside me on the bed. He looked very relaxed, I said wish I had your money Kerry, he laughed and said ‘I havent got any now…’ wierd. I never liked the man have no idea why I would have this very vivid memorable dream or why he would make me one of his first visits after death.

    • You must have been thinking about him and also the TV was full of stories after his death.

  8. I believe whn you die your spirit leaves the body floats off to another plce but saying that no one has come bk either

  9. Probably thinks he is still in Vegas and is bubbling around a brothel looking for his latest.

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