Say hello to Sir Rod Stewart!

Rod Stewart seemed to be fighting back tears when he announced his knighthood to thousands of fans at a concert

Rod Stewart seemed to be fighting back tears when he announced his knighthood to thousands of fans at a concert only hours ago.

Rod – or Sir Roderick – received the honour today at a service attended by the Queen and the royal family, which also paid tribute to Her Majesty’s commitment to her country over her lifetime.

Rod was performing in front of a sell out crowd in England when he shared the good news with them.

“So it’s 10.30 and I have the great pleasure of being able to tell you now, in this hour, that your old mate up here has been knighted by Her Majesty The Queen,” he told the audience.

“It’s all down to you guys, thank you so much you’ve made me who I am.

The 71-year-old said: “I’ve led a wonderful life and have had a tremendous career thanks to the generous support of the great British public.

“This monumental honour has topped it off and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

“I thank Her Majesty and promise to ‘wear it well’.”

He also shared a cheeky text message he received from his good friend Elton John, congratulating him on such a momentous accomplishment.

“I had a funny text from Elton (John) today: It said ‘Congratulations darling, who would have thought a couple of old tarts from North London would be knighted?’,” he told the crowd to roaring laughter.

“Bless all of you, thank you.”

Rod has had a truly wonderful career over the years, giving us hits such as ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy’, ‘Hot Legs’ and ‘Maggie May’, all of which are considered classics today.

He received his knighthood for “services to music and charity” and it’s no wonder, as he continues to perform sell out shows around the world and give back through the charity Caudwell Children, which aims to try and make a difference to the lives of disabled children.

Congratulations on a truly remarkable career and a wonderful contribution to music and our lives, Sir Rod!

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  2. ann Handstock  

    Congratulations Rod. So happy for you.

  3. Pam White  

    Sir Rod !! Congratulations great guy .. love your voice !!

  4. [email protected]  

    Wonderful news who would have thought Sir roderick stewart a deserved knighthood!

  5. Maxine Stewart  

    Congratulations to my favourite cousin

  6. Paul Goldfinch  

    A voice that gets better with age.

  7. Paul Goldfinch  

    A voice that gets better with age

  8. Beverly Bell  

    Congratulations Sir Rod love your concerts and music well deserved from Christchurch New Zealand

  9. Marie Lincoln  

    Congratulations Rod, you certainly deserve it, you’re a great performer, we’ve been to several of your concerts here in Australia and think you’re the BEST ever!

  10. Congratulations Sir Roderick…come a long way from the time we used to call you ‘Rod the Mod’….Very well deserved.

  11. Bev  

    Congratulations Sir Rod, well deserved. Never miss a concert in Oz..last one dragged along my husband on crutches & a leg brace….no way we were going to miss it!!

  12. Christine Donehue  

    Upnforgettable, Maggie May at the Rainbow Theatre in 1972. My first ever pop concert and my first English boyfriend! A thrill for a young NZer on her big OE. Thanks for the memories Rod.

    • Sandy Macaskill  

      Amazing Sir Rod!! So chuffed and you really deserve it!! Been my hero for many years!!

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