Rupert Murdoch and wife Jerry Hall frolic on the beach together

Ahh the life of the rich and famous… If only we could all lounge about on the beach in a

Ahh the life of the rich and famous… If only we could all lounge about on the beach in a luxurious location every day!

Rupert Murdoch and his new-ish bride Jerry Hall are currently soaking up the sun in Saint-Tropez, France where the pair have been looking as loved up as a couple of school kids all week.

The billionaire couple hit the sand in their swim gear, with Jerry looking amazing at 60 in her one-piece bathing suit.

Regardless of what some would call her questionable taste in men, Jerry is certainly doing a great job of proving that women can still be stylish and gorgeous later in life.

The former model wore a navy blue bathing suit in a halter neck style with ruching all over.

While she look lovely and demure, it was Rupert who left little to the imagination, letting it all hang out in his swim shorts.

At 85 years old, many have come out in praise of him saying it looks like he keeps himself fit and healthy and in shape.

Others weren’t so kind.

“My eyes!” wrote one commenter. “I wish I could unsee this.”

The couple have attracted a lot of attention since their marriage – deciding to wed after three months of dating.

While some have accused them of having a ‘fake’ relationship, others have said it’s nice to see that it’s possible to find love later in life.

Are you a fan of Rupert and Jerry’s? Is their relationship genuine? Do you like Jerry’s beach style?

  1. stnc  

    Shoulders back Jerrie, Rupert time for the gym and a tone up! Otherwise, ain’t love grand!

  2. Jefrob  

    I believe Jerry has a plan. Please treat him gently Jerry…unless you want him gone quickly…there is much out there to spend his money on…

  3. Phil Spencer  

    Wish I hadn’t seen that, I will have nightmares tonight!

  4. Susan Jenkins  

    I am 60 and I look better than her in a swimsuit

  5. Kez  

    She is a very clever gold digger… Brian Ferry, Mick Jagger, Robert Sangster, Rupert Murdoch. Impressive line up. It must be a paper bag job all the way.

  6. valerie  

    Oh dear me there are a lot of jealous oeople out there

  7. Lyn  

    Why do we always have to be so critical of people, live and let live.

  8. Philip  

    Of course it’s true love !! She’s got millions of reasons to love him.

  9. My Oh! my! perhaps we should all take care of our own backyards and care for our own families without being concerned about the business of the rich and famous. There must be better subjects for discussion and perusal. One should also consult one’s own mirror before despatching comments on anyone else’s physique.

  10. Laura Monroe  

    You should remember that she has money in her own right. She has property and a good business sense and she did not have to marry for money. Good for you girl! Laura

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