Queen outshines foreign royals at wedding of the year in this dress

After “Brexit”, and no matter how the Queen really feels, it still has to be “business as usual” for Her Majesty

After “Brexit”, and no matter how the Queen really feels, it still has to be “business as usual” for Her Majesty as she carries out her ceremonial duties.

Just yesterday, the monarch arrived at the ‘society wedding of the year’ between Mounbatten heiress Alexandra Knatchbull and her fiance Thomas Hooper where Prince Charles gave the bride away.

Alexandra Knatchbull is the daughter of Lord Brabourne a close friend to Prince Charles since he was a child, and the Royal Family.

Her Royal Highness was joined by the Duke of Edinburgh as she made her way into Romsey Abbey, in Hampshire, as Charles accompanied Miss Knatchbull, the daughter of his close friend Norton Knatchbull, who holds the title of Lord Brabourne, into the church, reports Daily Mail.

Although the event was attended by high society which dressed to the nine, Her Majesty still won hands down – her floral dress looked stylish and was perfectly matched with a bright peach coat and matching hat.

Her Majesty looks stylish with a gold pin on her coat, pearl earrings and pearl layered necklace. It looks like she is also wearing her favourite Ferragamo flat shoes.

The Duke wore tails and a gold waistcoat and Prince Charles cut a smart figure as he walked the bride into the Abbey in a grey three-piece suit with a light blue shirt and tie.

Lady Brabourne wore a grey-green skirt suit with matching hat and pearl earrings as she entered Romsey Abbey with her husband, Lord Brabourne.


King Constantine II and wife Queen Anne-Marie, former monarchs of Greece, attended the ceremony too.


Here’s Queen Sophia of Spain who is dressed in a combination of grey, black and white.


Princess Anne looked like she had something similar to the Queen but she paired a soft pink jacket and skirt, with with a fetching two-tone pink hat.


Princess Sarvath al-Hassan also attended the event with her husband Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan where many foreign royals made an appearance. Princess Sarvath wore a soft green saree with a long line coat and kept her accessories all green as well.


The bride and groom…


Do you like the Queen’s look?

  1. Annette Strong  

    The Queen is impeccable in everything that she does. She is always smiling and happy, even though she may not feel like it that particular day. We should all have that attitude in our daily lives and the world would be a much happier and better place.

  2. Sue Yorke  

    Looks wonderful and dresses well for a small woman of her age.

  3. Carol  

    The Queen never puts a foot wrong and yes – she clearly outshone all the other guests with Anne a close second.
    A lady who is a shining example of a public person.
    A wonderful Monarch who sets an example to all.

  4. Ester Peregi  

    I love the way she,s dressing.

  5. The queen is always beautifully dressed! Her strength and vitality she has is amazing! I love having her to look up to throughout my life she is just beautiful and reminds me of my mum who had similar beauty! By the way I loved the floral dress!

  6. Lyn  

    She looks lovely in peachy pink, it suits her skin and her age much better than the lime green outfits she sometimes wears.

  7. Raylene  

    Why do we have to compare? They all looked stylish, all in their own way.

  8. Jennifer Lalor  

    Why did Prince Charles give her away and not her father? Seems strange.

    • Judith  

      Yes I thought it was odd, but if you click on the link and read the captions to the photos it says the bride’s father was not well enough to take the usual part in the service.

  9. Joanne  

    HRH Qeen Elizabeth II always looks beautifully dressed. This whole outfit’s simply gorgeous!

    One has to bear in mind, that many women could look like this, if they had the money, & a personal outfitter at their disposal!

    The ‘dowdiest’ female was from Jordan…………….

    Princess Anne looked very ‘on trend’ in her pinky-mauve outfit.

    • The Queen is Her Majesty she is not a Princess. So her title is H M Queen Elizabeth not Her Royal Highness.

      • Joanne  

        Just couldn’t help yourself, could you?

        The bottom line, it’s unimportant, compared to the evil that’s being done in the world.

        Go get a proper life, smart a@&$……..

  10. H.M the Queen looks beautiful I and love the cheeky, floral dress peeking out over the coat. Princess Anne looked outstanding – and at last someone she trusts has advised her on her new look. Well done- Anne- you are late bloomer, and looking forward to more occasions that you can dress up for.

  11. Joan Marshall  

    The Queen and Princess Anne look wonderful in stylish clothes. Princess Anne is so fit for her age she does a lot of charity work and keeps out of the gossip columns. Prince Edward and his wife also keep out of the gossip and she has a bit of Princess Diana in her looks.

    • I agree, both Her Majesty the Queen and Princess Anne looked fabulous. I think the Queen’s best colour is Blue. My admiration for Her knows no bounds. What an amazing Lady.

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