Queen Elizabeth left heartbroken after one of her beloved corgis dies

It’s a sad day for the Queen as she has reportedly had to say goodbye to one of her most

It’s a sad day for the Queen as she has reportedly had to say goodbye to one of her most beloved corgis.

Her Majesty was forced to call the vet to her residence at Balmoral, Scotland and made the decision to put down 13-year-old Holly, who was suffering from illness relating to old age.

The Queen is is famously ‘obsessed’ with her corgis and has had over 30 throughout her lifetime.

Holly was one of the most well-known to the public, having appeared in the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony with the Queen and Daniel Craig and on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine earlier this year.

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While the Queen still has three pooches to keep her company, she has decided not to get anymore due to her own age.

She is said to be worried about tripping over them and falling now that she is not as agile as she once was. With her corgis constantly by her side there have been close calls in the past and former palace staff have often joked about how they were always tripping over the pups themselves.

A palace source told the media the Queen was “very sad” about putting Holly to sleep “but she doesn’t like seeing her dogs suffer and Holly had reached a very good age.”

Have you ever had to put a pet down? How did you handle it? Do you have a message of support for the Queen?

  1. Heather Turner  

    It is so hard to love our animals enough to put them to sleep, so hard and yet so right when the time comes. My heart goes out to you.

  2. I’m so terribly sorry to hear about Her Majesty having to euthanise Holly, her pet corgi. No matter what your position in life, your pets treat you like a King or Queen, asking nothing in return except a cuddle or scratch behind the ear. Similarly, we love our pets…to death. My son’s twelve year old cavoodle, Gucci, has a leaking heart valve and she is now on palliative care. My son recently moved to his new home near the beach. Gucci is a mermaid at heart, so my son takes her (in her stroller) to the beach each day to dip her paws in the water and sit on the sand. When she gets the energy to push her tennis ball, he videos her every move. Life is a series of ‘special moments’ like this – we can all learn to savour the moment and feel gratitude for the deep love that our beautiful pets bring with them. Many of the nicest people I know are dogs. I will miss you, my darling little Gucci.

  3. Wendy Oneill  

    I had to have my dog put down as he had cancer, they are part of your family and it breaks your heart, but it’s better than watching them suffer

  4. Today, we have to euthanize our beloved Belle, a 12 yr.Old corgi. She was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy eight months ago. Our hearts are broken too.

  5. Jill  

    I have this week lost my last Westie . He went peacefully in his sleep which was lovely for him but a sad shock for me. I have always had this breed , love them to bits.I sympathise with the Queen, I know how she feels .

  6. Joanne  

    I’d owned, & bred, Welsh Pembroke Corgi’s for many years’.
    In every way, they’re the most beautiful breed of dogs’.

    My last gorgeous girl was ‘Hollee’, & she was euthanised at 15&half, due kidney failure.

    I miss her still, as well as the other little Corgis’, & cats, too, I’ve had brightening up my life.

    Currently, I’ve a rescued ‘Royal Sacred SP Siamese’ cat. He’s the ‘light’ of my life now, & brings me great joy with his funny antics!
    He’s also a marvellous ‘watch cat’!

  7. Ali Hazell  

    My heart goes out to Her Majesty, the Queen. I’ve never had a Corgi, my preferred breed is the Australian Cattle Dog (commonly known as a Blue Heeler or ‘Bluey’), & my heart has been broken a few times now when I’ve had to have one put to sleep. My first one had lived 19 years when I had to have her euthanized due to late stage Mammary cancer….I felt like I’d lost my oldest child, & my children, who grew up with her, were inconsolable. Rest in Peace little Hollie, may you live forever over the Rainbow Bridge.

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