Prominent UK celebrity says she would have aborted her son if she knew about his disabilities while pregnant

She’s a former glamour model and mother of five, but Katie Price has angered some and received praise from others about

She’s a former glamour model and mother of five, but Katie Price has angered some and received praise from others about her views on abortion and disability.

Katie (or Jordan as she used to be known) is the mother to Harvey – he’s 14 and is blind, has autism, suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome which makes him gain weight, and he has ADHD. Looking back, the 37-year-old has controversially said she would have had an abortion had she known about the adversity he would suffer. She was just 23 when she become the sole carer of her little boy.

She was discussing living with children who are disabled on UK talk show Loose Women, and revealed she wasn’t prepared for Harvey as a young mother.

“I was young when I had Harvey and I admit it: If I’d have known he was blind when I had him, as harsh as it sounds, I probably would have aborted him,” she said.

But after caring for Harvey for 13 years, she clarified that she would never consider an abortion if she were to have another child with a disability.

“Now, no way,” she said. “If I got pregnant again and they said they had disabilities I’d definitely keep it.

“I’d even adopt a child with disabilities. Until you’re in that situation you don’t know… [but I] would never change anything about Harvey”.

“It’s challenging but rewarding. I don’t think anyone should be ashamed of a child with disabilities”.

Viewers have shown support for the former model, saying she is a great mum and so honest.

Others have condemned her, however the overwhelming response was positive.

Katie took to social media after the episode aired to make sure her love and support for her son was clear:


We want to know your thoughts today on the subject of abortion and disability. Is it right?

  1. I believe each person needs to make their own decision, without condemnation from others, no one really knows what other people can bear, and a parent of a child with disabilities certainly has to bear so much, for the rest of their life…all the time worrying about who will care for the child when they die. I would not condemn.

    • Succinctly and beautifully phrased, Barbara……I am in complete agreement with you.

    • Had I known my baby had the extensive disabilities he had before he was born I would have been terrified to have him but the second he was born he was my whole life and I couldn’t have loved a child more. After being told he would die at birth and so many hundreds of times after that he survived until he was 21 years 3 months and 2 days and he was loved and cherished every single day at home by me, his dad and younger sister and brother.

    • That is so beautiful Noelene. I’ve never met a mother who didn’t fall in love with her baby the first moment she saw him, I think that is what most women lucky enough to conceive, carry and deliver are designed for, loving and protecting their child.
      I think that is why I get so rattled when I see some women, usually in shopping centres, yelling and even swearing at toddlers.
      I also believe it’s the fear of not being able to cope that causes women to abort, fear for themselves and for their child. I cannot condemn them.

  2. I think it is individual choice, having a disabled child is hard work, not only when they are young but it is life long commitment and not something anyone should take lightly. I was fortunate my children were born normal, I was not faced with that choice

    • Yes it is. Problem is I had 5 children that were younger than the one born in 1976. The rest were born in 1978, 1980, 1981, 1983 and 1985. VERY hard work

    • My grand daughter was to be born with many problems and termination was suggested at one point but was never an option. She is now a healthy 14 year old. Has a few kidney problems but all the other problems didn’t happen. However it could easily have gone the other way and would have affected the family greatly. It certainly is an individual choice and having worked with children with severe disabilities i know how it can affect families and also as someone else stated it can be a real problem when the parent gets too old to take care of them. I certainly don’t condemn anyone who makes the choice to terminate. Not an easy choice for anyone.

  3. If I would have known my son was going to be born with cerebral palsy, I might not have had him. It was a freak accident. Twins that not even the doctor knew about. One died at birth and the other had cerebral palsy. He lived from 1976 to 2002 though.

  4. First time I’ve actually had respect for her. She is a brave woman and she is definitely the only one entitled to make that decision.

  5. It is good to hear someone speaking honestly about the challenges of raising a child with multiple problems. Would I have aborted if I had been in her situation? I honestly don’t know.

  6. Having had two disabled children I understand what and why she has said this. Children and adults can be so cruel in what they say and do. Some of it still hurts. On a happier note thet both work and pay their own way and instead of teaching Jap. And Ind. And Fr. In schools. Why not teach sign?

  7. She’s honest, and that’s a rare quality. Most people who fear criticism so would not say what they really think/feel. I understand her feelings.

  8. Tricky question. I haemmoraged for 6 weeks in my first trimester with my son. I was told he would be brain damaged from lack of blood to the brain. I wanted to abort the pregnancy, but my doctor was a catholic and refused to help. My son was born perfectly normal, so I now thank that doctor. He then decided I had lost a twin

    • That happened to me with my first,but no mention of abortion was made, and thank heavens he also was perfectly normal,but how interesting about the twin possibility.

    • That happened to me too Sue, thought I had miscarried. It was put down to perhaps miscarrying a twin, which could have been correct, as twins run in the family and I was on fertility pills.

    • I’m thankful you both had normal babies too, but isn’t it stressful going 6 or 7 months thinking your baby will have problems

  9. I had my children late in life so they wanted to do CVS and amnios but these procedures are against my belief system…now I did have non invasive scanning and there is a remote pissibilty babies can be formed without a brain…not viable once born…this was the only condition I would have considered in termination…and I say considered.I was brought up that life is a gift…everything is given to you, of course you cant sit back and wait for the wish fairy…I have learnt so much from my children and grandchildren…what may seem like a door closing is really just shutting out what wasnt meant…no I could never have killed any of my babies.

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