Prince William comforts young boy who lost his mother

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have made an emotional visit to a hospice in England, with William taking the
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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have made an emotional visit to a hospice in England, with William taking the time to comfort a young boy who recently lost his mother.

Prince William was chatting to 14-year-old Ben who told him how much he missed his mother who only passed a year ago.

Proving he has all the caring qualities how own mother possessed, William reached out rested his hand on Ben’s shoulder, telling him: “Time makes it easier”.

“I know how you feel. I still miss my mother every day – and it’s 20 years after she died,” he said.

William promised Ben that they would stay in touch and keep talking as “men are not great sharers”.

Kate also showed her her, stopping to hug a six-year-old boy who brother passed away two years ago.

The young boy reached out for Kate has she came towards him and she immediately knelt down and scooped him up, saying: “I love cuddles.”

While it was an emotional day, there was also plenty of fun happening as well, with both William and Kate chatting and laughing with patients and their families and even trying some baked goods in the kitchen.

The pair officially opened the company’s Centre of Excellence, with William trying but hilariously failing to show of his business knowledge.

“Is it just hammering the hell out of a product?” he asked a graduate.

Kate was seen rolling her eyes and chuckling at his comment, while the graduate said: “That’s one way of putting it!”

William laughed and replied: “Excuse my lack of engineering knowledge….”

When they stopped by the kitchen, Kate said she loved to bake with her kids, but George makes a bit of a mess.

“So what are you making, this smells seriously good,” asked Kate, “what are you putting in? Is this just chocolate? Golden syrup? Good.”

“When I try to do this with George at home, chocolate and the golden syrup goes everywhere. He makes so much mess. It’s chaos!”

The royal couple said they had a wonderful day and everyone at the hospice repeatedly said they couldn’t believe how “normal” they were.

“They were so funny and relaxed and they really made a difference in the kids’ days. They all absolutely loved them!”

Do you think it’s nice to hear William opening up about his mother? What do you think of the royal couple?

  1. Heather Hudson  

    This is just so touching, I admire them both, along with Prince Harry, so incredibly caring and sincere. Princess Diana is still steering them in their life’s path.πŸŒžπŸ™πŸΎπŸŒžπŸ™πŸΎ

  2. Garry  

    I think they are both genuinely good people. They handle the enormous responsibilities of Royal life with great humility.

  3. Gai Duff  

    Beautiful people with lots of caring and sharing qualities.Not only did their mother teach her boys this humanity but Kate shows great caring qualities also.They are great parents.

  4. Angie Taylor  

    I live in New Zealand although I was born and lived over 50 years in England before I came to New Zealand I love reading about William & Kate and the children I believe they are doing a wonderful job I was in fact in UK visiting family and friends when George was born it was a lovely time. I was living in New Zealand however when Diana died

  5. Ann Brown  

    I am so pleased that they are free to be their own people! Love that dress it is so beautiful. The Duchess wore that in Brisbaine, Easter Saterday 2014.

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