Prince Charles’ beautiful reunion with his former nanny

She took care of him over 60 years ago and now, former nanny Jacqui Botting has been reunited with her

She took care of him over 60 years ago and now, former nanny Jacqui Botting has been reunited with her prince.

Prince Charles was delighted to see his nursery nurse who looked after him as a baby 60 years ago at Clarence House.

He took time out of his busy tour around New Zealand to talk about those wonderful days with 92-year-old Jacqui.

Ms Botting was seated out the front of a research centre in the town of Nelson when the Prince was told she was hoping to see him.

Prince Charles gave Ms Botting his undivided attention as he spoke to her, metres from her home opposite the research centre.

The Daily Mail reports New Zealand-born Ms Botting looked after the young prince and his sister Anne in the early 1950s before going home to marry. She was holding a Christmas card signed by the Queen, Prince Philip and Charles, a treasured memento.

Thrilled at her exchange with the Prince, Ms Botting said “He remembered me, didn’t he? It was very nice”.
Prince Charles and Camilla are continuing their tour around New Zealand for the next week.
Take a look at the lovely photo of the pair and tell us, do you remember your nanny or a babysitter from when you were growing up?
  1. Yes, I remember mine very well! I had “Nanna Ross” when I was very little and, later on, we had a girl called Anne who would take us to the movies on a Saturday afternoon as well as babysit for Mum & Dad when they went out. Then a bit later we had another girl called Irene who we’re still friends with now!!!

  2. I was listening to a commentator last night who reminded me of the Prince Charles tapes to Camilla, where he said he wanted to come back in the next life as Camilla’s tampon !! But he acted with more dignity to this old lady who cared for him

    • Eeewwwww……that is nothing short of disgusting……especially camilla’s tampon

    • Not any excuse for him saying it in my opinion Ruth Sullivan, they are supposed to set an example for us all

    • He was married to Diana at the time and typing that nasty stufff to Cammilla and Doreen I would be highly insulted if any man said that to me.. we use tampons when we have a period

    • If you think it is bad I mentioned it Ruth Sullivan perhaps you had better contact Foxtel because was a discusion by a panel last night about this, I think it is rather pathetic that future King would even say that, it is not what I would call romantic

    • I have never said that to any woman iin my life and I would expect a hit around the head if I was stupid enough too

    • There was no need to bring this up. Why must people be so abrasive and judgemental. The story was about a 92 year old Nanny and you sully her memories and show her no respect. I don’t care what Charles said it was a private conversation. The media broke the law eavesdropping. Look in your own back yards first for perfectness and then mind your tongue.

      • Angie Goss  

        I quite agree with you Phyllis, well said

    • if you are not happy with myself or tv programs are saying Phyllis Hatch..skip on by, those tapes will go down in history and get used to it..this will come up again if Charles is ever King

    • I agree Phyllis, nothing to do with this lovely story,thank god all our conversations and private words were not broadcast for all to judge i bet there would be a few red faces around me included

    • What a shame everything and everyone is so negative these days. Whenever there is some sunshine someone always has to pull out a cloud. Not excusing the past at all, but what a lovely memory for a dear old lady to treasure.

    • Of course no one else in the world share intimate details with each other???? Difference here is that there are people who act illegally to obtain and release these details. Stones and glass houses come to mind.

  3. I remember a babysitter when I was a child. She must have been a high school student then. She played the piano beautifully. My favourite pieces were Robins Return, Remembrance and In a Persian Market. In my turn, I also learned to play those pieces, but I am sure, never as well as Joan did.

  4. They’ll probably attend a race meeting or two in NZ. Camillas probably in a few races at top odds!!

  5. I like the royal family ,especially William Kate and Harry ,but would not cross my road to see these two — loathe them both for obvious reasons

    • I cannot stand the lady bile rises to my throat. Why do they plaster her everywhere. She stands for the part of royalty I hate. Shes a gold digger fame digger and fing soooo ugly.

  6. How much money could be spent on childcare if we didn’t have these Nazi loving Royal parasitic bludgers draining the budget

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