Paul McCartney makes a young girl’s dream come true

Proving he is a true English gentlemen Sir Paul McCartney has handed over the limelight to a young fan at

Proving he is a true English gentlemen Sir Paul McCartney has handed over the limelight to a young fan at his own concert and the results were nothing short of amazing!

Paul invited 10-year-old Leila on stage at his concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina after learning she wanted to meet him.

She walked onto the huge stage clutching a toy monkey, which the Beatles star assumed she wanted him to sign.

“What would you like me do? Would you like me to sign the doll?” he can be heard asking Leila.

“I want to play the bass with you,” she replied much to Paul’s surprise.

“Do you have your bass with you?” he replied, to which she responded by pointing to the band’s bass player, standing somewhere in the background.

“This could be interesting. Okay, I didn’t see this coming,” Paul said.

Worried that he had misunderstood Leila’s request, Paul is seen strumming demonstratively on the guitar, and asking: “you want to play bass with our band, like bass like this?”

Leila nods and takes the bass as it is handed to her.

“I reckon we ought to do ‘Get Back’,” proposed Paul who had been told it was one of Leila’s favourites, before immediately launching into the 1969 Beatles song.

Smiling from ear to ear, Leila begins to play along with Paul and the band and singing along.

Hardly believing what he was seeing, Paul tilts his microphone down so that Leila can sing into it with him.

The crowd couldn’t get enough of it and can be heard changing “ole, ole, ole, Leila” when they finished the song.

Afterwards young Leila received a kiss on the forehead from Paul, then posed for a photo with him and mother Marianna, before she was escorted offstage.

What a night! It’s surely something Leila won’t forget anytime soon!

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  1. Marion Larkin  

    I was lucky enough to attend a Wings concert during the November 1975 ‘Wings over Australia” tour, in Brisbane Queensland and my brother was lucky to get tickets in the front row.
    Paul McCartney had always been a favourite of mine with the ‘Beatles’ so I was overjoyed to be that close to seeing him.
    My excitement doubled when he brought a chair out and sat directly in front of me, then leaned down, asked me my name and asked what song he could sing for me, I asked would he sing ‘Yesterday’ and even though the Festival Hall in Elizabeth Street Brisbane (before the Entertainment Centre was built) was packed I felt like the only person there as he sat and sang, all the while looking at me.
    It is something I will never forget even though its been 40 years it’s as clear as yesterday (no pun intended).

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