Only one AFL player brings his mum to Brownlow Medal Awards

Talk about giving them a run for their money! Western Bulldogs player Marcus Bontempelli has walked the red carpet at

Talk about giving them a run for their money! Western Bulldogs player Marcus Bontempelli has walked the red carpet at the Brownlow Medal Awards with none other than the woman who raised him.

While most of the other players brought their girlfriends or wives – or went solo – Marcus decided to treat his mum to a glamorous night out.

His mum, Geraldine, looked absolutely stunning showing just what style over 60 can look like.

While there were some great looks on the red carpet, the Brownlows are notorious for fashion fails with many WAGS traditionally opting for cleavage and butt-baring dresses – like this…

Marcus seemed to be ecstatic to have his mum with him on his big night.

From changing my nappy to the red carpet. Thanks Mum.

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“It’s a proud moment for me to be invited and it’s great I’m able to bring mum along as a massive thank you for the work that she and dad have put in over the years,” he said.

Geraldine said: “I feel like I’m the child today, and he’s the parent bringing me along. I couldn’t be prouder of him.

“(Attending the Brownlow) is something I really didn’t have on my bucket list, but I’m so pleased to be here, and seeing all the other ladies outfits, and being with my son.”

While many over 60s say it’s difficult to find nice clothes once you reach a certain age, it’ nice to know it’s not impossible!

Do you like Geraldine’s look? Would you wear something similar?

  1. Janet Hamilton  

    Love it, she looks gorgeous. Her son must be as proud of her as she is of him. Awesome 🙂

  2. Annie  

    Geraldine looks stunning very special night for them both.

  3. Vickie  

    She looks fantastic and what an honor for her son to take her Shows love and appreciation Well done to both

  4. I find it hard to believe those girls with slabs have no idea how cheap and slutty they look
    Surely their men would have to feel embarrassed

  5. Vicki Hooper  

    She looks perfect and so proud ….The boy has just gone up on my estimation .What a fairytale if he had also bought Charlie home with around his neck ..

  6. jenny Blakeney  

    What an honour to be invited by your son. It is nice to get the love back once they are old enough to fly on their own. If he was my son I would be so proud of him, as most young people would not even contemplate taking their Mums to something like this. Congratulations Marcus you are mature beyond your years and I hope you enjoyed yourself Geraldine. A night to remember for you both.

  7. Julie Farmer  

    Geraldine looks fantastic; the dress, hair and make-up are all beautiful; she can certainly hold her head high amongst all the younger girls. And to also have the public, unashamed love and gratitude of her son – what a night for her!!

  8. Sheila lakeman  

    Wow, how fantastic, mum looks so,pretty and elegant.
    It’s lovely to see he loves his mum so much that he wanted to take her to this great event.

  9. Barb McCulloch  

    I think Geraldine looks absolutely stunning and the younger women should take notice of how to dress not under dress. So proud of you also Marcus for wanting to give your Mum a night just for her.

    • Wiso  

      I agree Barb. All that exposed flesh that was on show last night was not a nice look. Geraldine is so elegant. And what a lovely young man she has raised !!

  10. Helen  

    She looked beautiful, but I don’t think she is over 60.

  11. paul herry  

    About time this young man was highlighted not only for his sporting attributes but for showing his gratitude to his parents and family….I am just blown away by this article and applaud Geraldine and her husband on raising an inspirational young gentleman.

  12. Wendy  

    Grinner winners! The best son to be proud of!

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