One of your favourite Bette Midler movies is getting a remake

Bette Midler fans get ready… One of her biggest and best movies is set for a huge remake almost 30

Bette Midler fans get ready… One of her biggest and best movies is set for a huge remake almost 30 years after it was first released.

‘Beaches’, the role that won Bette huge acclaim and success, is being remade and will star Idina Menzel as CC.

If you have grandchildren, you probably know Idina as the voice of Elsa of the Disney movie ‘Frozen’.

Now, Idina faces the unenviable task of trying to match Bette’s brilliance as CC.

So far, Bette has stayed quiet on the announcement, choosing instead to announce that she will be a guest judge on The Voice in America next season. (How lucky are those contestants?!)

‘Beaches’ included the massive hits ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ and ‘The Glory of Love’ and moved millions of people to tears with its gut-wrenching tale about the life-long friendship between two women.

Bette won Record of the Year and Song of the Year at the 1990 Grammys for ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ stole the show with an epic performance.

The remake of the movie is set to be released next year, with fans already waiting on the edge of their seat for the release date.

Some are calling for Bette to have a special appearance in the movie, saying it just won’t be the same without her!

Did Beaches make you cry? Have you watched Frozen with your grandkids?

  1. Deena rodger  

    Nobody can do this movie like Bette Midler, best left alone.

  2. I cannot understand why producers want to make re-makes of famous movies. I can’t think of one re-make that has been successful. Why on earth do they think the original was so good? Because it was ORIGINAL. It’s like the James Bond series. People sometimes say “Oh so-and-so was the best Bond ever.” What rubbish! Sean Connery was the ONLY Bond as he was the original star and made the series famous in the first place. I have to admit, however, that Daniel Craig was pretty easy on the eye too! LOL

    TV companies also try to do updates of famous TV series and they’re NEVER successful. Remember the American version of Mother and Son? Thank goodness the Australians haven’t tried to do that. Who could better Ruth Cracknell and Gary McDonald!

    So they will film the re-make of Bette Midler’s movie and it will sink without trace – having wasted millions of dollars. BTW, Idina Menzel who they have chosen as the lead has a terribly hard, angular face.

  3. Vicki Edwards  

    I might be wrong but I don’t think so! Wasn’t the whole movie made with the intention of using Bette in the movie because of her acting and her singing and her music ? for Gods sake! What next. I seen the original movie at the movie theatre and have watched it on Video and then DVD I don’t know how many times,. And that was for one reason only , because of Bette Midler and her beautiful voice and music.

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