Nigella Lawson has Australia to blame for her biggest foodie fail

Nigella Lawson has been hailed as the modern-day queen on the kitchen. The self-described domestic goddess is beloved by fans

Nigella Lawson has been hailed as the modern-day queen on the kitchen.

The self-described domestic goddess is beloved by fans around the world for her quick wit, sharp tongue and openness about her love of good old-fashioned home cooking.

Nigella is currently appearing on our screens as a guest judge on MasterChef and has said that she has Australia to thank for introducing her to one of her all-time favourite foods: avocado on toast.

“Australia is the country that introduced me to avocado toast, even better sometimes with vegemite,” she told News Corp, before adding, “it’s been good to me” with a sly smile.

Earlier this year, Nigella copped major backlash after she showed viewers on her TV series ‘Simply Nigella’ how to make avocado on toast.

People watched in disbelief as she popped a piece of bread into the toaster before spending a few minutes scooping avocado out of its skin and mashing it in a bowl.

She then spread the avo mash over the toast and declared it a truly excellent recipe.

“She’ll be teaching us how to make a cuppa next!” said one bemused viewer.

“Nigella is a cooking goddess and, yes, I love avocado on toast but I don’t need a recipe for it in 2015,” said another.

“Am I really watching Nigella tell me how to cook toast?” asked one fan.

The segment generated thousands of comments on social media and was covered by media outlets around the world.

It looks like Nigella had the last laugh though, with her book sales spiking by 30 per cent after all the attention!

Nigella has previously spoken about how much she loves Australia and Australian food, saying we have some of the best produces and local food she has ever come across.

Are you a fan of Nigella? Do you own any of her books or watch her shows?

  1. Only Nigella could turn spreading avocado on a lump of toast into an erotic experience. Yummy.

    • Grant  

      I think most women could but I would rather watch my girl cook wearing lingerie than spread green mush on bread.

  2. Jacqueline O'Connor  

    Not that keen on avocado myself, certainly wouldn’t have thought of putting it on toast. Only way I have it is as guacamole with Mexican food.

    • Suzanne  

      My baby grandchildren love avo on toast! You are missing something wonderful!

  3. Susan Bell  

    spread avocado on toast with hot chilli sauce, minced garlic, lemon juice and cheese, grill till cheese melts. My go to meal while pregnant.

  4. I like advocado on sough doe toast with poached eggs on top, plus of course some coarse ground sea salt and pepper to taste!

  5. Grant  

    The sale of avocado spiked by 30 percent at Waitrose which is the high end overpriced market where the wealthy shop, not the sale of her cookbooks. She had to spend months peddling her cookbook all over the world to get it to sell. Also, I think her riff on caesar salad was a way bigger bomb where she put a fried egg and anchovies on burnt lettuce. People have been eating avocado with breads long before Australia got avocados in late 1800s

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