New royals documentary reveals hilarious anecdotes about Prince Charles… from his sons!

They might be royals but Prince Harry and Prince William have a dad like any other – and an embarrassing

They might be royals but Prince Harry and Prince William have a dad like any other – and an embarrassing one at that.

It’s already a mouthful to say their dad, Prince Charles’ full title – His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland – but the boys assure the world that he is just a daggy dad like any other.

In an intimate new documentary with UK TV presenters Ant and Dec about the Prince’s Trust, the young princes share how they really feel about their sole parent.

“Even when we said yes, we had no idea how it would all turn out, that we’d be with [Prince Charles] on and off for a year and how unbelievable it would be,’ said Dec.

In the 90-minute film, William and Harry talk candidly of their father’s habit of ‘rabbiting on’ and recall how he used to embarrass them by laughing at the wrong moments when he would visit them at school, reports the Daily Mail.

Prince William told the hosts a story about Prince Charles and Prince Philip saw him in a school play – the special effects malfunctioned and the two men howled laughing. He says it is a family trait to find it amusing ‘when things go wrong’.

William and Harry also described how Charles loves writing numbers of letters by hand from his study – but say his writing gets harder to read towards the end of the day as he becomes more tired. The princes are never sure if they’re being praised or told off! Apparently the letters Charles sends to Government Ministers are infamously known as ‘black spider memos’ because of his handwriting.

The documentary, titled “When Ant And Dec Met The Prince: 40 Years Of The Prince’s Trust”, centres around Prince Charles’ community work. Another interesting anecdote comes directly from the Duke of Cornwall himself: he admitted that he has yet to change one of his grandchildren’s nappies, but assures himself that they will be around ‘to look after me when I am doddering about’.

Ant and Dec had a little trouble communicating with the eloquent prince, saying ‘I think he may have had a few issues with [my accent]. I would ask him a question and sometimes he would just smile’!

Tell us, did you have an embarrassing dad too? Will you be watching the documentary?

      • Deanna  

        Yes Geoff do you have DNA results, what a horrible thing to say, its not a thing to say about anyone.

    • Mike here-the reality is Geoff that none of us really know who our fathers were we just take it on. Look at Luke Skywalker. Don’t wory Christine , Geoff may hvea reason for being so bitter.

      • Deanna  

        wow Linda I said that to my daughter last week, there is a resemblance

    • of course Charles is Harry’s dad ( here ‘s Harry falling out of a nightclub as per normal ) he chose pink knickers to match his nail polish ….all the Royal men have strange little habits …their subjects adore them for it ….

    • I am not a Royalist but I rest assured that the Mafia/ aka Queen’s advisers will secretly have done DNA tests on the spare heir to the throne. He is the image of Diana’s Brother.

    • Rosanna Taylor your point is WHAT? surely you can see that the 2 lads were fun loving normal human beings allowed enough rope to enjoy & revel in their right of passage from immaturity to maturity, but not too much where they became horrid nasty undisciplined individuals like many we see today.

    • Rob McGrath So many think this, how many “” parents “have we seen recently treating their kids terribly, or killing them,

    • He is entitled to his opinion, you pathetic people saying he is nasty or was he there…. Seriously does it matter this is Facebook people I know it must feel so good to feel superior over your key board but like I have stated previously this is Facebook where anyone can write their opinion. If you don’t like it scroll past it, makes sense that there is only a like button not a dislike button.

    • Linda Allen Well done Linda. All this ropeabout Harry not being their son is ridiculous, the DNA would have been checked before Dianna left hospital, he is very much a Spencer with the red coloured hair but when you said look at Henry the Vlll i nearly choked. There is a portrai of the King and Harry looks a lot like him.

    • Glenys C  

      How can you say that Geoff? Just look at the bridge of the nose. Identical. You wouldn’t find many like that.

    • And what would they have done to the baby Paula if his DNA didn’t match kill him like they killed his mum. Wise up look at him he’ the image of Hewitt and who cares anyway’s he’s just another parasite

    • Mike here-well Leah, he is entitled to his opinion but as you said yourself “anyone can write their opinion” so speaking of patheic people & some feeling superior. If the cap fits wear it sweetpea.

    • Mike here-Geraldine, that bit about them killing his mother is unsubstantiated blurb as well, this is unsubstantird too, I’d venture to say that Harry has done more for the human race than you have, so if he’s a parasite ??? Of course if your life has been devoted to doing yhings for others, I apologise

    • its just a shame they didnt leave the wildlife along and stop slaughtering them? and they pretend to care about wildlife? fucking hypocritical scumbag parasites

  1. I am proud to be an Australian with the Monarchy as the Head of State.

    They are more stable people than the alternative: such as Presidents Turnbull, Rudd or Gillard.

    • And they don’t interfere in Aus affairs. Might be better managed if they did. But I think their hands are somewhat tied even in the UK except in maybe something like going to war. I think they like to keep their finger on the pulse to a certain extent.

    • To be fair Glen has a point they did inter marry with other royalty who were family.

    • If my memory serves me right, didn’t they create the laws? In fact I believe that one of them decided on doing the same thing to some of his women, that jihadist do now, namely behead them. But apart from that they are all good eggs. …………..not!

    • Good to see that leonard john matthews also believes in Santa Claus, and God? Don’t you just love magic?

    • Now the question is. …….. which God? Is it the one that seemed to work perfectly well up until a particlar king (Henry the 8th) whom decided he would create his own church? Or the God after?

    • The Royal Family are just the PR branch of the British Government.The reaction to Tony Abbott’s brain fade with Phil the Greek’s gong is the indication that we have out grown them.

    • Glenn Young shameful contribution to the debate. Attack the person and his values typical of those who support a bureaucratic republic.

    • I agree with you. They represent the Westminster System which gives Australia its democratic way of governing.

    • Leonard John Matthews ,guess,but if you are happy to be identified as one of David Flint’s buddies.good luck.

  2. I sadly lost my dear dad in a mining disaster when I was 21. I never found him to be embarrassing. I always thought he was so wise and very caring

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